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For Sale/Trade Ed’s TnT various pieces ( 3x Arizer Solo / 1x Arizer Air )

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by VANVAS, May 20, 2020.


    VANVAS Well-Known Member

    Hello I’m selling these amazing pieces from this real man , the Big Ed , not used too much as long as I sold the air and Solo and now I found .
    Arizer Solo pieces 68€ + shipment.
    Each Solo piece 24€.
    Arizer Air piece 30€ + shipment.
    European seller. Shipment from Spain . Selling inside Europe please .

    1 Ed’s TnT Bog oak arizer AIR stem


    1 Ed’s TnT Blackwood solo 2" wong
    1 Ed's TnT Blackwood Wooden/SS Arizer Solo
    1 Ed's TnT Cocobolo Wooden/SS Arizer Solo
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