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E-NANO + 4 All-Glass GonGs & AG Stem - $180

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by EveryDayAmnesiac, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac FUCK THIS SHIT!

    East Coast

    Hate to see this guy go, as he has given me hours and hours of dependable usage. But... life happens. :shit:

    It's one of the first models, ordered before they were available, but has been sent in for a tune-up and been "modernized." I had the light bulb removed when I sent it in.

    That's 2 all-glass 14mm GonGs and 2 all-glass 19mm GonGs, plus an all-glass stem, plus a "pinch" stem, plus an E-pik. And that's walnut, obviously.

    I don't have any screens. Epicvape is offering new screens now that you will want to look into if you do need screens.

    This Nano has A LOT of use left in it - years I'm sure. It works like new, of course.

    I simply don't have a lot of time to vape at home anymore, and could really use the $, I'm afraid. :cry:

    If you want more pics, I can take them, but may find it annoying. :ko:

    New, this would all retail new at $285 with the FC discount. I think $180, I pay Priority USPS, PayPal and ship bombproof is fair.

    $180, I pay Priority USPS, PayPal and ship bombproof

    PayPal preferred, but a USPS money order would be fine.

    Think I'm charging too much? Well, I don't think so, not after seeing what a fantastic vaporizer this is. But send me an offer and explain yourself! I'm a very reasonable person to fellow honest folks such as myself. :)

    You might want to hurry though.


    EDIT: Price lowered because I want this over with.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2014
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