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Gear Dragon Vape Cartridges

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Saccs, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Saccs

    Saccs Active Member

    I love them!!!! The taste is nothing to brag about but they get you very medicated... They have quite a few strains... This is my favorite... Only thing is they are VERY hard to find!!! I only know of one dispensary which is in Hollywood that sells them for about $50-60.00

    I've tired Pure Gold & O-Pen... Pure Gold was not worth the money & O-pens are better but like someone said in another post it doesn't last very long...

    The only issue I have with this cartridge is using it with my Evic mod I have to remove my top cap to connect it... Nothing too bad but still a inconvenience... [​IMG]
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  2. mvapes

    mvapes Surrounded by the healthy!

    On Shakey Ground
    Lucky f&cking west coasters....


    Just kidding dude, I'm totally fucking jealous - welcome to FC!
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  3. Saccs

    Saccs Active Member

    Lol All good bro... I love a good laugh... However I'm not too new, before going this route and concentrates I was using my Solo ;)
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  4. 420time

    420time Well-Known Member

    much better if you just purchase the concentrate and fill it yourself sir. much cheaper.
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  5. Agent S.S. Sands

    Agent S.S. Sands Active Member

    I can get these delivered to my door for $35. Free Shipping for orders over $75.


    I don't use this.... just posting for informational purpose only.
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  6. Miaatch 80

    Miaatch 80 New Member

    Hey saccs- which pharmacy in Hollywood can u get the cartridges? I found 1 place in the valley but that's it. And, yah Girl Scout is the best of the batch!
  7. gnjagrwr

    gnjagrwr Member

    I saw some of those dragon vape carts at apothecary in sherman oaks. Next time i visit, im pickin one up. Eureka vapor is similar, i like those. And i agree its cheaper to fill yourself, so long as u get quality concentrate u can trust. I like the fact that both eureka and dragon carts are ecig/501 battery compatible! Convinient!
  8. Qtip

    Qtip New Member

    I have never left a review but I thoight I needed to leave this one. My wife and I have been medical marijuana users for 10 years plus and have been very excited when the new vape products started to hit the market (my wife has asthma) because they are just better for both of us. We have tried a few over the years and justvlove the pen vape products. We have been buying Dragon Vape carts for a bit (good price $50 to $55 where we are). My wife started to get headaches and I would feel a little raw in my throat from time to time but nothing big. We told the shop people and they said we should just try another flavor, which we did, all of them I think :-) still getting headaches. Then we just tried another brand, Eureka, more money ($65 or so) which I did not like but what the hell. All of the headaches and my throat thing stopped. I told the shop owner and he said well that is great. I said yes bit why, he did not know. He said he had a few other patients say the same thing but nothing big. A month or so goes by and I walk in to buy some more oil and o run into the owner. He said they had a few Dragon Tanks tested and they cam back with a variety of contaminates and one with butane. That is what was causing the problems. I just felt the need to tell others, this kind of thing can really hurt somone like my wife. Please just put out clean products for us to use, we are real people in the end not just walking money. So far Eureka Vapor and the gold product have been great, but the gold product I think is way overpriced for what you get.
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  9. Lois_Lane

    Lois_Lane New Member

    You can get the in the valley. The Root Cellar (Van Nuys and Ventura) $65 each or at Green Leaf Healing Center (next to super cuts on Burbank/Kester) or Sherman Oak Group Collective (Ventura/405/15445 Ventura Blvd) at $60 each. I prefer the Green Leaf Healing Center. Check menus on WeedMaps.com

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