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Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes

Discussion in 'Glass' started by dannkk, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    Anyone that checks out this forum will want to find somewhere to watch this documentary. Just getting into it, but it's nice. Was just added to Netflix, but I'm sure there's other places to watch it.
  2. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
  3. Zookeeper

    Zookeeper Active Member

    watched it on netflix this morning. glass blowing is interesting. They made it seem like no one was using glass until the 90s though, is this accurate? I'm going to ask some old timers tonight about their first experiences with glass.
  4. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
    This is an awesome film! I have watched it twice so far! It's a super interesting chronicle of where we have been...
  5. makisupacurtain

    makisupacurtain Well-Known Member

    Dubtown, USA
    This video is great. It truley encaptures the glass scene in a nutshell. A must watch!
  6. NewVape

    NewVape What a guy!

    So Cal
    Watched it last night thanks for posting it. A real history lesson for me. :)
  7. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    In the 80s and early 90s glass pipes had a stigma attached to them from the news movies like New Jack City. Glass = Crack. Hell, every time they'd mention crack on the news, there'd be a picture of a rock and a glass pipe lol. When they were talking to Snodgrass, though, he said he started in the 80s, and they said that he was the blower that started the industry. Blowing glass while touring with the Dead and teaching "anyone blower he met" how to fume.
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  8. JSteez4205

    JSteez4205 aka Gordon NugzB

    I watched it on netflix last week. Very interesting stuff. Can find a few of the pieces they were blowing for sale on ALT along with a copy of the movie in DVD form for anyone interested w/o Netflix. Wish they would have shown more into the making of percolators though, that's something I've always been interested in, how they get the diffusers slit on the inside of their work. Pretty profound stuff to me.
  9. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    I was a bit disapointed with that, too. Would have been nice to see some stuff about the guys that focus on new inovations in percolators. I understand why, though. Title of the movie is Degenerate Art. We think the percs look amazing, and cool...but would a normal person call them art?
  10. Fully Melted

    Fully Melted It's OK to enjoy your medicine.

    ^^^^ Yes. But what is this "normal" thingy you speak of? ;)
  11. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    I had a glass bong in the 80s. No New Jack City stigma. Just most of them, were paper-thin glass. The slightest ding and you were staring at shards.

    Glass work was petty mundane. Usually just a vase or lamp shape, maybe with some etched picture. No real percs/diffusion, that I ever saw... but most everything was like that.

    Broke my last one cleaning it. Almost 30 years, before I owned another one.
  12. Steele Concept

    Steele Concept Transformer Tubes Manufacturer

    I watched this a few months back. It's a great doc with some good music. I agree with some of the things said in this thread, in particular I would have liked to see more scientific glass coverage.

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