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Debating Prohibitionists Makes Ya Crazy

Discussion in 'Cannabis News and Activism' started by Jambi619, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    So I've been in a twitter war with this cunt, Christine Tatum, all day. Not sure who she is exactly, although she's in CO so that's good; let the legalized weed drive her mad. Anyway, thought I'd see if anyone here wanted to jump in. It'll be fun :evil:

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  2. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
  3. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    Guess I just like wasting time lol

    Anyway, here's what got her panties in a bunch in the first place:

    Russell Brand to the UN,

    "Nobody at all is helped by drugs being made illegal, unless of course there is a conspiracy to marginalise, condemn and persecute disenfranchised members of our global community.

    "I'd hate to think that was the situation - that certain countries didn't matter, that certain classes didn't matter, that certain races didn't matter.

    "So unless that's the situation there's literally no reason to proceed with this experiment of prohibition which has lasted for a century, that has done nothing but bring death, suffering, crime, created a negative economy, and deaths all over Mexico, deaths all over Malaysia, unnecessary death penalties.

    "You'll notice I've said the word 'death' a lot.

    "What I think we need to look at is an alternative way of thinking, an alternative approach of consciousness."

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  4. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Blaaaaah

    Colorado Springs
    Your intellect isn't worth wasting on people like this.

    They clearly have an agenda that is not based on personal experience or scientific fact. They are just doing their job as propagandist, misinformist, ya know, basically "journalist's". :lol:

    "Rock-solid editor and reporter with a passion for journalism advocacy and building entrepreneurial news organizations. In that order."

    See, she's admits it.
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  5. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    HA yeah I suppose it's a sisyphean task, but I just like pushing back against their bullshit. God knows how many hours I've wasted on Youtube comment wars :bang: The way I see it, if I can sow at least the thinnest shred or doubt into their minds, I've accomplished something.

    BTW, where abouts in IL are you? Dekalb county over here :wave:
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