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DaVinci Ascent stealth EU version + extra glass

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Osn Dosn, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. Osn Dosn

    Osn Dosn Well-Known Member

    Selling my Ascent

    Not that I don't like it (see my posts in the Ascent Thread) but it hasn't been in use for 2 months now, and it just laying around makes me sad.. and I need some €€ :D

    I bought it on the 24th of December (aaww) at verdampftnochmal.de, and I can help handling any potential warranty case with them. But I seem to have gotten a good one as my Ascent has always been going strong and so do the batteries.

    Only damage is optical: a pattern carved by some iso on a small part of the foliage - see pictures.
    All used parts come iso cleaned (carefully..)
    Some brownish remains in the ceramic chamber

    Product contempt is complete, except for the small silicone plug, that got lost
    but instead it's coming with 4 sets of glass (inner and outer tubes):
    - 1 never used
    - 1 used but perfect
    - 2 have cracks on the flute part..happens pretty easily. take care. see picture. still usable, and if you're going for a fine grind they are actually coming in handy, as you can put the small screens in there

    + one more or less full package of the famous amazon glass flowers

    all in all I paid 280€ and asking for 180€

    + worldwide shipping


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