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Community Polls per Vape?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DolfLun, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. DolfLun

    DolfLun Member

    I was reading the Davinci IQ thread (great thread with lots of constructive feedback and exploring of the device) and I found myself wishing there was a few survey polls at the top of the thread.

    Has this been considered? Since each device has a single thread devoted to it - nicely all information and community thoughts are provided in one place. What if that single place was a little smarter in collection of opinion. Polls could be standardized at the top of each thread, then tallied results would accurately reflect all of our ownership experiences.

    Ability to change votes would definitely be on so that continued ownership could prove useful and encourage updating your feedback.

    1. A reliability Poll
    How reliable has your Davinci IQ been? Please comment on it's ability to function as intended
    - Perfect!
    - Had to get 1 replacement
    - Needed multiple replacements

    2. A support rating Poll
    How has your experience been with Davinci Warrantee department
    - Didn't need to use them
    - They were excellent
    - They can't get the device right or won't support my complaints

    3. An overall happiness of ownership poll
    - It's by far my favorite vape
    - I sold mine because i did not enjoy it
    - I have kept it, but use it infrequently amongst others

    Curious to see what others thing of this idea as I really wish I could poll these questions on the IQ - it seems to be an excellent product plagued (perhaps) by Quality Control Issues and poor support (maybe).

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