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Can high draw resistance i.e. negative pressure when pulling a toke, damage your lungs over time?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by DIZZLE, Mar 26, 2020.


    DIZZLE New Member

    Hello all!

    I'm trying to pin down why I have had long term minor irritation to my lungs associated with my vaping. I absoloutely love cannabis and woul dbe devastated if I can't find a healthy way to consumer as I get older.

    My daily driver is the Solo 2 with WPA and I generally feel its quite smooth on the chest, however my chest often has a very dull "ache" which I'm starting to attribute to the relatively high draw resistance on my vape and the effect of negative pressure on the lungs by sucking hard and taking long draws.

    Does this mirror anyone else's experience? Should I exclusively use vapes that have low draw resistance?

    I'm quite tall and would be in the higher risk category for pneumothorax.

    This reddit thread mentions something similar to my situation: https://www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/comments/8q059j/postpneumothorax_vaping_help_me_find_the_vape/

    Any thoughts or comments welcome.

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  2. Polarbearboy

    Polarbearboy Tokin' Away Since 1968

    I've got multiple vapes and dabbers and multiple water bubblers, and ccell oil pens, flower, rosin, shatter, wax, etc. My lungs still get irritated. Its the putting of a foreign product--resin--into the lungs that's the problem, not draw resistance. Particularly ex-smokers of either or both weed and tobacco seem to have compromised/sensitive lungs. And people who had asthma as kids, etc. I've been searching for solutions for months and find I need to take a day or two off to make my lungs happy again. I've even talked to my doctor about it and he says its probably just scar tissue and tired or stuck cilia in the lungs, but that if I feel fine after a day or two and if I can still hike and bike, there's probably not more serious respiratory issues.
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  3. BestBuds

    BestBuds The Dude

    Pay attention to your body. Are you tightening muscles that you don't need to, in order to achieve that pull? Maybe the vapor is too hot, harsh, or dry and you are struggling to take a full breath with out tensing. I have a disorder that effects my muscle fascia and it can be really painful. I have to be ultra careful with my body mechanics to avoid tightening my muscles up, so I literally feel your pain.
    When this happens to me I get a gram or two of live resin and I'll vape that on my Ditanium for a few days. I do really small hits too. Basically I want to breath my hit in deeply without any discomfort in my lungs, no dryness (a water pipe might be necessary), and no struggling to inhale at all.
    That seems to give my body a rest and let my muscles relax again.

    Experiment with lowering your temps, adding water to your rig (maybe try warm water to make it extra steamy if dryness is the issue), taking smaller hits, or switch your material.

    Without changing your medical routine, I absolutely swear by Arnicare gel. You can get it over the counter in the USA. It's a homeopathic thing. It's so diluted that it would be damn hard to make it toxic. ArnicaMontana gel is so diluted that it's damn near impossible to make it toxic. I rub that on any tight muscles or knots and I feel them melt away within a minute or so. If you want that minty muscle rub feel with Dr Zimms has arnica in it as well as muscle rub coolness. :tup:
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  4. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    Not really. Think of it more as a workout for your lungs. Deep breaths, long inhale and exhales are good. As an asthmatic, I'm given exercises like that. The resistance isn't bad. If it gets a bit much you will cough. Lungs are great for coughing when things are a bit much. If you have continuing pain, you should talk to your doctor. Have you had a chest X-rays recently? With chest pain it doesn't hurt to know what your lungs look like.
    I hope it gets better for you.
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  5. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I’ve actually suffered a pneumothorax. It’s my least favourite word in the English language. I did thought I was dead. Very painful.

    personally I need vapes with little to no draw resistance. Whips and bags seems to be good for me.
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