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Build custom dry herb vaporizer and wax pen?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by perro547, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. perro547

    perro547 New Member

    Im new to this so idk if im posting in the right place but, i saw a post about someone making their own oil pen with all the parts bought seperatly and put together. ive been looking for a good dry herb vape but none have convinced me for the price. could anyone tell me what parts to buy and the links to build a pen for dry herb? i honestly dont care if it combusts but i wish to make my own.
  2. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    Any "herb cart" will combust. If thats what you want just get a 510 battery and a 510 herb cart. IMO it would be even harsher than just smoking out of a glass pipe lol.
  3. blergs

    blergs New Member

    i can attest to this! all points!
  4. perro547

    perro547 New Member

    So I want to get a pen for wax but I want to build my own to make a good one. Could someone give me all the links for everything I would need to build a good wax pen? My budget is about $70

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