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Bolt Pro Kit ++

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Shrike, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. Shrike

    Shrike Flower Potted


    Hello Fellow FC'ers!

    I have a Bolt Pro Kit for sale along with a number of GREAT accessories! Everything is in excellent shape and only has about a month of real use.

    If you're not too familiar with the Bolt Pro or the accessories, check out Dabado's site for more info. Here is a brief description from their website...

    Bolt Pro Kit

    The Bolt Pro is the fastest and most durable Bolt, Dabado has ever made. This powerful device is the next step up from a Bolt Kit and is perfect for the more experienced extract users that want to use more extracts with each use. This device features a larger inner heating rod and Pro XL nails that doubles the size of our normal nail dishes.


    • Larger Heating Rod
    • XL TI, Quartz, And Ceramic Nails
    • Replaceable Heating Rod
    • Reaches up to 980*F
    • Extremely Portable

    1x Bolt Pro
    1x Bolt Pro Case
    1x 18650 Battery
    1x Magnetic Stand
    1x Silicon Protector
    1x Silicon Container
    1x Glass Attachment
    1x Pro XL Ceramic Nail
    1x Pro XL Quartz Nail
    1x Pro XL Titanium Nail
    1x USB Charger

    Okay...here first is a breakdown of the RETAIL costs for all the items included in my sale...

    THE BOLT PRO KIT (described above) SELLS FOR $199.00

    Additional 18650 Battery-- $7.99

    Extra Bolt Pro Quartz Nail --$19.99

    Bolt Orbit Glass --$69.99

    Bolt Detachable Glass Attachment (18mm)-- $39.99

    Dabado Protective Case-- $59.99 (This was a gift to me. It was never used. Foam not plucked yet).

    RETAIL, this ALL adds up to = $396.95
    ------------------------------------------------------------ new price! was ($225.00)
    I would love to get this into someone hands for a total price of $195.00 (CONUS only)

    This price WILL include free shipping of ALL the items.

    I hate parting with this great little portable, but I've found that I just don't get to use it as much as I would like and the little extra money coming from this sale will help me out in other areas of my life.

    Thank you very much for checking out this offer. I very much appreciate it. I have sold many items on FC and have always had satisfied purchasers. Here are a few pictures of what is for sale. (Forgive the crappy quality. My camera died right as I finished these pic's up and you can see that it was in the act of dying as it took the pictures...lol)





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