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Best vape for ease of use, low irritation

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by kuhli, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. kuhli

    kuhli New Member

    I'm not much of an herb user but I'm looking to get more in to it as an alternative to alcohol for taking the edge off after long stressful days.

    So while this might sound dumb, I'm actually looking for something that's kind of like a beer -- easy to pull out, crack open, use around the house, clean up when done, and with minimal lung irritation (I'm a pretty serious athlete). I don't mind a bit of learning curve on technique, but I want something that's easy and quick to load, warm up, and clean up. If it's a major hassle to get it going it's just not gonna happen; I'm too busy to sit down for dedicated sessions on a regular basis...

    Portable is appealing since it's easier to take around the house while I'm doing my thing, so I've been watching the Ascent and the Firefly. But I wonder if I'd be better with a plugin unit with a bubbler of some sort for cooling/moisturizing the vapor ... the Cloud EVO sounds pretty nice. I know those are totally different setups, but I think that is a big part of my dilemma -- portable or water-cooling.

    Sorry this isn't a more directed question, but if folks have opinions or relevant thoughts let me know. Thanks!
  2. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    Pinnacle or solo with a pinnacle water tool. They're both portable, the pinnacle being the stealthier of the two. The pinnacle water tool is very small and will provide portable water hydration with either. The solo will be more fragile because of its glass stem.
  3. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    I'd get the Firefly. It allows you to take a hit a put it down without wasting herbs, it is portable and the convection process ensures less lung irritation than in other vapes. Plus the air path is very clean and the vapor is quite tasty.

    Worse setback, 30min autonomy roughly. About 3 bowls. it is not the most cheap either.

    If you want the same type of vaporizer and experience, but at half the price and with good autonomy, the Lotus uses a torch lighter but it is great.
  4. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Ascent, Solo and PnP all hook up easily to glass if you want portable and water. Sounds like it might be a good mix. Can always step up to the EVO if one of these vapes works out for you.

    I'd probably start simple with a Solo. Good price, solid unit, versatile, and then you can find out if using more herbs is right for you without dropping too much coinage.

    Having said that... the FF does seem perfect for you. No water, but I don't know of anyone yet who finds its vapor irritating. I have a sensitive throat and the FF does not bother it, even if I use it all day. If you got the $ and don't mind buying a vape that just came on the market, you probably wouldn't be disappointed. It is one sexy little beast.
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  5. kuhli

    kuhli New Member

    Hmm, can't recall why I earlier passed up on the Solo and Pinnacle. Maybe not as sexy as the fancy new Ascent. Anyway, it does seem like the Solo is a good match for my use case.

    I'm having trouble figuring out where/how to find the right GonG adapter for using the Pinnacle water tool on the Solo though. I don't see anything on gotvape or vapenation, and the planetvape 14mm one folks here have recommended is sold out: http://www.planetvape.ca/pvhegong-high-efficiency-gong.html, though they have this one: https://www.planetvape.ca/solo-ground-glass-on-glass-adapter.html . Does it matter?

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