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? Best recreational shop to buy concentrates ?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Nanook18, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Nanook18

    Nanook18 New Member

    Visiting Colorado, driving through Denver tomorrow, wondering which shops were best for concentrates, I'm not interested in flowers at all but would also like good edibles, but mainly just concentrates ..thanks
  2. Sidereally

    Sidereally Member


    No concentrates for tourists as far as I know.
  3. DabComa

    DabComa Stuck in Dab Coma

    I was under the impression that showing up with my NY I.d. I could get concentrates, is that not the case?
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  4. Sidereally

    Sidereally Member

    You might want to make a phone call or two to make sure, but I live just west of downtown Denver, but in the next county (with no recreational) but I'm pretty sure that yes, the law says you can possess and consume concentrates, stores are not selling it to out to state tourists.
    I do know that you are limited to one oz total possession as a tourist, but that's getting off track because as I said, I don't think stores are selling more than 1/8th of flowers per person, per visit.
    I know there's other regulations that stores have put on their recreational sales amounts/grades and times available.
    (I'm med so I have no idea about the schwag they're selling to the tourists.)
    (Checkout westword.com and make a couple calls before you get here.)
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014
  5. Sidereally

    Sidereally Member

    I definitely stand corrected.
    Found a place in Wheat Ridge called 'Three Kings Dab Supply' on 44th & Ward, right off I-70 that enlightened me on the recreational situation here, best price on butane I've seen also.
    (In addition to an extremely chill place to hang out.)
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  6. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    Sooo.... What is the recreational situation?
  7. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Blaaaaah

    Colorado Springs
    If you are out of state you can purchase edibles with a 100mg THC limit per item. You can also purchase concentrates, tinctures, salves, herb. You can buy up to 1/4oz per transaction, and carry up to full ounce in your possession. You should bring cash, as the banking situation is still fucked. Some places do accept debit/credit though.

    So YES on recreational concentrates.

    As far as what to look for. I would recommend Pink house shatter, and River rock "rock butter". Both of those are made by the respective dispensary(pinkhouse, river rock) so the quality should be consistent as they are in full control from seed to purge. River Rock North is adult 21+, and Pink House "Mile High" is also. http://pinkhouse.me/wheretobuy-MileHigh.html

    As far brands/makers, Top Shelf Extracts, 710 Labs, TC Labs, Mahatma, Stay Concentrated.. the thing is with those the quality is dependent on whatever herb/trim they are given to process. Some shops grow good herb, some grow bad. If you go into a shop and the herb looks weak, then you probably don't want to buy their concentrates, since it will be made from the same material.

    You might also find a shop that does their own in house processing and makes good quality concentrates. I would think the price would be cheaper in this scenario, but it will be require more research.

    As for edibles. Just read this and go buy some Incredibles bars. You get more than what is advertised! They are damn tasty too, I mean, really fucking tasty.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
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  8. Tstat

    Tstat Dead Foot Designs Accessory Maker

    The Medical North East
    We didn't visit any Denver shops, but we stopped in Idaho Springs and visited a shop near us in Summit County. First off, yea you can buy concentrates.

    The first place we stopped was called "Strainwise" where we picked up some Grape Ape shatter and some Green Crack crumble.

    We also grabbed a tootsie roll type thing. The tootsie roll was 100mg and KICKED our asses the first night. I had maybe 1/3 and my son ate the rest.

    The concentrates tasted great in my Persei, but there is some question as to how well it was purged. See, it had bubbles in it, but I could not detect any butane taste. The grams were $30, which turns out to be 1/2 the price of the other place we stopped at in Idaho Springs. I can't remember the name of the other place, but we grabbed some yummy Swedish Fish. They had nice buds but they were like $25 per gram. No thanks!

    High Country Healing is the shop in Summit County (Silverthorne, I believe). Their shatter was $75/gram! That's even more than we pay here in RI. We passed and instead grabbed some candy bars, a soda, and a gram of bud ($18) that was pretty good.

    For recreational users, it seems that most places sell you a "mix" when it comes to concentrates and edibles. It was hard to find a straight up indica that I wanted for sleep. The edibles were pretty racy, it seems. I mean instead of falling asleep, I was spaced out and almost tripping. Much different from the ABV edibles I make, LOL! I would also think medical prices are better, and prices in Denver better than the places I went.

    I mailed my Persei and Pax home instead of taking them on the plane. I also mailed the leftover concentrates, 2 grams of shatter, and some more edibles. My package is on the truck and will be here this afternoon. I am looking forward to really inspecting that shatter for purity, etc.

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