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Best of Da Buddha thread

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by tokinGLX, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. cluffy

    cluffy Vaker

    Northeastern US
    Yes, and I love it. Standard SSV set up is win for me. Thicker hits can be had with any set up by cranking the heat right, but I like the standard set-up just because it feels like I'm more in control with it. This topic has been discussed more than a few times in this thread. It's a good time to try out the Infamous FC Search!!!!

    You have to get the HC special order from 7th Floor. You might want to email and ask for a full standard glass kit (wand, HC, hose, mouthpiece) but make sure they know it's for Da Buddha. Kit is in the dropdown: http://silversurfervap.com/standard-wand.html

    Happy Vaping!!

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  2. Vapologist

    Vapologist HamsterDAMAGED

    Just so we have the most accurate information out there...

    There is absolutely no glue used...no glue...used...at all. No glue to burn off. We test the units before we send them out, but its possible that if you did not get it directly from us, the heater cover could have been removed...the heating element touched...oils collected...this is just one hypothetical. Regardless, turn it on high, let er burn, adjust, let it rip. You wont' smell it again...

    The heating element should be as high into the heater cover as possible, without touching the glass.

    Something may have fallen into the electronics, but its highly unlikely. If you feel that this has happened, carefully remove the baseplate and check. Check the wires, if anything seems amiss, send customercare@7thfloor.biz with some images and we will troubleshoot.

    Let us know how we can help!

  3. bleak

    bleak Stoner Gear Peddler

    Down Under
    Howdy! My very first post on this forum. Have been lurking for a long time however :)

    Thought I'd share my current Da Buddha setup. I broke the original wand a long time back, and replacements are not available in my neck of the woods (Amsterdam!). So I went for the Arizer elbow bowl instead. Have been tinkering with the setup for a while, heres what it currently looks like:

    Click to play YouTube Video

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  4. Vaporisateur

    Vaporisateur Senior Marijuanist

    North of the 49th
    Here are my answers/comments based on 6 months usage of the DB and now recently switched to the EQ about 1 month ago...

    I actually broke down your question #2 in 4 questions... ;)

    1. Some people say that DB produces a higher quality vapor than the EQ, is this true?
    That is not true. What J.R.R.Tokin' said is correct. As far as I am concerned, I don't use the 'elbow pack' method and I'm still getting large thick clouds like I was with my DB. The advantage with the EQ here is that it will brown your herb more evenly in the cyclone bowl and will require less stiring than the DB for the same hit results.

    2. Which is more convenient? The EQ because it is more versatile (whip & bags), it has temp reading, and I find the 'handsfree' better on the EQ because there is no chance of the wand (the elbow) of getting out and falling off if your not carefull when moving the whip around. This happened to me a couple times with the DB and I actually broke a wand once.

    I've watched countless videos on how both vapes work and got my hands on a friend's EQ one time. It seems like the herbs have to stay in the cyclone bowl for the EQ, and cannot be removed until the bowl is cooled down. No. You can still remove the cyclone because the top part is coated and does not get as hot and then remove the herbs if you want. But again, I don't know why you would do that.

    Does this mean that the vape will keep vaporizing the herbs before it's cooled down completely? No, because as you say, it's cooling down... So no vaporization happening here.

    It seems that in the DB, the herbs are left in the wand (similar to an elbow pack in the EQ), and the user can remove the herbs from the heat whenever he chooses. Does this mean the DB is more efficient since it doesn't heat your herbs when you don't want it to? No, because with the EQ you can actually leave the cyclone and herb there for a while (you could also use your remote and turn down/up the temp when needed!). I find the EQ will not heat my herb in the cyclone as much as the DB would with the wand when not in use. If I left the DB powered ON with the wand and herb in it for say 10 minutes, I would see a clear discoloration spot in the herb. I would assume the same will happen with the EQ but it would take much more time has the herb is not as close to the heating element. I've left a full cyclone a couple times for over 15 minutes with no apparent discoloration afterwards, and I was still getting the same amount of clouds.

    3. Which one has more consistent temperature? I've realized the temp readouts of the EQ is more like a guideline, but I want to be sure that if can get a consistent temperature after I've found my preferred temperature. This does not mean that the EQ has to have accurate digital readouts, as long as it returns to the same (wrong) temps every time, it'll be fine.
    Both have consistent temperature. The only advantage of the EQ here is the temp readout screen. Now as you say, no one really knows how the EQ reading is accurate, but once you're set on a preferred temp with a specific strain, it's much easier than just relying on a knob with no markings like the DB.

    in the end, which is actually better? Is it pretty much down to personal preference?
    Absolutely. They are both excellent vapes and they are based on pretty much the same concept. The EQ has obviously more technology into it. The DB is built like a tank and will last for years.

    My :2c:

  5. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    Considering you have only been vaporizing for a few months, I dont think you have mastered it just yet ;). It looks like you need more experimentation with the DBV. Try adding a little more then just barely covering the screen, dont grind it too fine, but be sure it isnt too moist either(dry herb gives better vapor, herb that is more dry can also grinder finer easier). Try some different positions on the dial too. I tended to stay between 1 and 2 on mine.

    Dont forget to stir the herb every 3-4 hits or so, and dont stir it and pack it down, you can tamp it down VERY gently if you want but its best not to pack it down much.

    The way you pull has a lot to do with it, and maybe you are just having trouble controlling the speed of the pull. Remember to also remove the wand at the end of every hit to clear it, and to help cut off the heat towards the end. vape in better light too so you can see the vapor better if you are going off of what you see.

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