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Best Cheap 510 Battery?

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Kevdog420, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Kevdog420

    Kevdog420 OMMP Patient

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a glass globe attachment for 510 threading.
    this is the glass globe: http://www.ruvaped.com/shop/glass-globe-attachment/

    Anyways I'm looking for the best battery that can be used for it. I also need it to have USB pass-through. I have an O-phos but I'm kinda new to e-cig batteries so help would be great!! Mainly im wondering what voltage is the best, and what brand(s).

    would a Ego t passthrough be good??
    it says it has variable voltage, but I need to know if this voltage is too much/too little to power the ceramic nail in the glass globe.
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  2. NahkriinKrosis

    NahkriinKrosis New Member

    I use an Atmos Optimus 510 and I have yet to be disappointed. It works perfect with the glass globe attachment, but it's easy to overburn the wax.
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