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Best and cleanest Butane in the EU?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Dynavaper, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Karma Farmer

    Dear fellow combustion fuckers,

    I would love to use my Butane driven vapes from the Sticky Brick family more often. But I still haven't found a Butane brand that is completely pure and therefore odor- and tasteless. Even the best that I could find until today still tastes a bit like old fish in the sun.

    I know that there were already some discussions about it, but the best rated Butane brands in those threads are not available here, at least not easily.

    So any Sticky Brick user from the EU who found the ideal butane brand - please kindly share your knowledge!
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Kind regards
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  2. Xelatsok

    Xelatsok vapes tobacco modding the vapes

    Newport is cleanest to my taste.
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  3. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    An island somewhere.
    I use this: http://clipper.eu/our-range/accesories/gas
    They also have a "Black Label" which is supposedly purer but harder to find. I don't have a Sticky Brick, just VapCaps.. . I only really notice the smell while purging and filling the lighters, not while heating the VapCaps. Taste? Do you need to apply continual flame to the Sticky Brick? I've never even seen one.
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  4. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Well the best way would be to have a lab analysis, there are some to find @ skunk pharm research - iirc Lucienne was a decent brand...
    Still got lots of Tycoon, seems ok to me.
    Maybe don't store the sticky brick in a pile of fish in the sun - keep it in the shadow ;)
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  5. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

    I usually just look for the Keen/Newport near zero impurities label
    It's sold under a few different brand names with the same near zero impurities label on the can so I usually search for that and go with the cheapest at the time.
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  6. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    @Dynavaper There is a chance that you will never find a brand that is odorless .I have been told this by a guy who is involved in the perfume industry and they also fill gas cans. He said the butane would cause corrosion to the metal over time,that's why insides are lubricated with a thin film of grease. I have gone trough the vapocane,vg,vapo-bowl and have given up in the end on inhaling the stream from jet torches. I really dont get how some guys who have a spark for scientific think that jetstream byproducts are just CO2 and Water vapor.. Just think about the butane travel path. It goes trough a brass duse into a plastic tank,then travers trough another duse into a plastic/silicon tubing and shoots trough brass torch nozzle surrounded by alloyed metal.Some torches have ceramic shields which is good but still have the wire from the piezo with its insulation in the airpath. So I am not saying those things will get you cancer but lead is often added to brass for ease of machining and there are just too many sources of smell in a torch alone ,so even with the purest butane (which will still have grease on the walls of the can) you can get impure taste.
    I would be totally interested in seeing a medical quality torch with Steel/Titanium nozzle and fillign mechanism,glass tank,ceramic shielding... etc..
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