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aromatherapy herbs

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by 420democrat, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    So I have read about benefits of vaporizing herbs such as spare mint and lavender for tastes and some mild effects. I want to try this because for one I feel it will help cut down on my green herb consumption. Secondly my gf has been involved in most of my vape/glass purchases and I'm pretty sure finding something she can vape too will help me out. My biggest question is where to purchase such herbs/mixes. What has the best flavors and what temps to run them on. I'd prefer a reputable seller. I've looked and only find oil sellers not the herbs. Ty all
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  2. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

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  3. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    I'm about to order some magic flight herbs, made by vaporbrothers

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