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Are sites like medicalcannabistation.com legit? Or trouble?

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by pxl_jockey, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
    In NM the cost/year for being a medical user is 0. But you need to have some kind of medical person sign off and endorse you. If you are seeing a cannafriendly doc? Great! Otherwise you end up paying a bit for that. You get an official state card that the dispensaries check. The dispensaries themselves don't issue cards. At POS they scan your card and the amount purchased into the state database.

    NM has an old law on the books allowing medical users to procure "where ever". So while it is illegal for my buddy to sell my meds it IS legal for me to buy them from him.
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