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30 days of full usage tracking

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by stonedbob, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

    further to what has been written in this post, I decided to experiment :sherlock:, i will log and monitor every usage with my vaporizers, in order to understand how much i put everytime i fill the chamber, how much money i spend in month on this herb, how do i feel with the amounts and alot of more things.
    i've decided that week, or even two are not enough to get averages and conclusions, so i decided to make it 30 days, when i log everything i do.
    it was pretty tough, as sometimes i'm going out with friends, and need to write every hit... also the big Excel file and calculations wasnt so easy to done! after two weeks it started to be really disturbing... as i'll show you below, this is alot of DATA. and DATA IS BEAUTIFUL!


    yes, i know, YOU CANT SEE ANYTHING!!!, i know.
    at first, i thought i will publish the whole file, but when the time passed, ive realized that its alittle private. the full excel file will stay mine, and i will provide only the conclusions. sorry, but its my privacy :rolleyes:.
    so, lets talk numbers!

    In 30 days,
    i used 5.07g of great medicine.
    in average of 0.169g each day.
    with 0.07g per load.
    i reported the level 7 in average.
    i took 415 bong hits in total.
    most of the time i used Arizer Extreme-Q, an amazing vaporizer for sure.
    on regular day of work the average is 0.14g per day, while weekends its average of 0.23g per day.


    well, i'm pretty happy with the results, i think the results are similar to what I expected at first...
    i think 30 days is pretty long time, and this results are very useful to me. but i'll not do it again... even if you pay me :rofl::wave:

    so! guys! ready for challenge? think this is unnecessary? did it before? talk to me! :popcorn:

  2. toked23

    toked23 Well-Known Member

    I've logged almost every toke for the last 6months...

    Take away was, I'm a very light consumer, .5g per month avg. expense was about 20-25cent a day. I can get 20 pulls before it dies and/or I usually toss the load and am ready for something new and a fresh taste. Only reason I've done this is I normally use the ff2 After my battery died on me a couple times I started tracking it to keep that from happening. I enjoyed the info and liked knowing what strain etc I had used to constantly mix things up. I keep track of the dates, load size, how many pulls I have taken and how long each pull was in seconds. I never combust, literally, never, and other than a Pax2 and 3 I take with me from time to time this is very easy to do for me at say 2 pulls a day average. Information is always good I guess, although I don't use it for anything other than my curiosity and battery life.
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  3. HexNailAva

    HexNailAva Co-Owner & CMO (Hex-Nail) Manufacturer

    Portland, OR
    This is incredible. I love it. I completely understand the privacy issue, so is there a chance you have the 'template' for your logging saved? I'd love to see the various labels/categories, etc. in Excel.

    Either way, awesome stuff. I keep a loose log in a notebook most of the time. I've just never charted it all out before. It's tough to keep up with so I commend you on your fortitude. :lol::tup:
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  4. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

    i've logged this information:
    * Weekend: True/False
    * Date (dd.mm.yyyy)
    * Hour (hh:nn)
    * Amount loaded (g)
    * Temperature (C)
    * Bong Hits (Most of the time i using bong with EQ, when not, estimated bong hits)
    * ~Level (0...10)
    * Note (if i take another drug and its still active, ate ABV or using the same material from yesterday)
    * Vaporizer (from the list in my signiture)
    * Total Amount Today (automaticly calculated)
    * Average level during day (automaticly calculated)

    then, the graph and calculation like averages and sums are calculated automaticly by the data inserted.

    i cant upload the xls itself but heres a sample from the table from the first days:
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  5. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I just finished my 30 days of record keeping as well, and while I am not going to continue right now because it is kind of tedious, I'll probably track a week or two here and there, every so often, to get a feel for any changes, and to come back to this level. The past month definitely lowered my tolerance a noticeable chunk. Not by a ridiculous amount, but significantly, for sure.

    I highly recommend keeping records of your vaporizing, for anyone who wants to lower their tolerance.
  6. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    Imagine how different the results would be if this would have been a combustion case!

    This is very interesting, and congratulations on the perseverence! This reminds me of the reddit post on r/data of the guy who tracked the use of his time for an entire year. It was facinating but equally disturbing on the amount of info some people deducted from his chart. They figuered out that he swapped jobs, lost his girlfriend and even had a fight with a friend.
    So my point being,... thank you for sharing and I only aplaud the decision to protect your privacy since we have already very litte left of it.
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  7. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

    yes, thats amazing! when people ask me now and i answer that 0.07 its my average, they ask "how do you even scale it?", but its not unusual, its the average of this forum i guess.

    i always explain it like that:
    if you want to go from A to B you can do it by feet (joint) or you can do it on bicycle (bongs).
    but, and i know its not cheaper, but you can buy car and do it more efficiently.
    you can smoke joints, and bongs, it will bring you from A (sober) to B (baked), but you can do it efficiently with a vaporizer!
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
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  8. WeAreVenom

    WeAreVenom I vote for marijuana

    Baltimore, Maryland.
    Only 5 grams in 30 days?

    And you were high every day? That's amazing! I will do some more in depth reading of your original post in a little while. This is definitely interesting.
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  9. darbarikanada

    darbarikanada Well-Known Member

    I can relate. I've been keeping records for over 3 years. my goal wasn't so much to track usage as to rate strains. now I know when I tried a strain, its traits (energizing, social/party, project-y, potency, analgesic effect, flavor, how it behaves in my vapes, etc.), and I can read 2-3 phrases I jotted down if I want details.

    it's a few different documents: the log (those phrases...), a list of strains tried (favorites at the top), and a strains/dates list (so I can find the info in the log).

    it's been interesting, but there are so many 'moving parts' that the results are mostly anecdotal, at best a decent guess re what to expect when I go back to a particular strain - and good luck trying to figure out the subtle differences between all those hybrid strains! (the main trait that does seem to replicate is analgesic effect - some strains really seem better than others)
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  10. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

    yea, i do microdosing and its working great!
    less is absolutely more!
    also 5 grams is 130$ here...
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  11. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    Perhaps i should read more about microdosing.... Awsome work, pretty interesting.
    Makes me think i should cut back quite a bit...
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  12. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    Micro-dosing is fantastic! As you slowly reduce your loads you find you get the same or better effects with less material than before.

    Here is the thread.

  13. HellsWindStaff

    HellsWindStaff Dharma Initiate

    I kept track before for a few months, got a bit tedious because I started using wax pens more and that was harder to do.

    I also didn't weigh my amount but what I did do was remain consistent in my packing amount. So I would pack my Underdog Glass Stem fully. I'd fully pack my Mighty. A full EVO ELB. Etc, and then I had a chart with how many usages I did.

    I like this and I think I'm gonna do something similar :)
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  14. WeAreVenom

    WeAreVenom I vote for marijuana

    Baltimore, Maryland.
    Damn! That's expensive! $130 is how much 14 grams (half OZ) costs here!

    For $70 you can get 7g!!!! Where do you live?
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