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Dec 10, 2013
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    Evo - HI - CFX - Milaana - Air
    710 Whip - Ev+ - HS
    FC UFO - FC Mod - Krave - Recycler

    Ascents, MFLB, Vortex
    Innercooler, DT, Ev, Nyx

    Hnail, Herbie, MV, Crafty
    Maudib, Hbird, Hsuckle, Cleo
    PP, 710, 14mm, Mason

    GH, TOD :zzz:

    Mini rig, Dabuccino, FC HT, Peyote Pillar, Mini Beaker, Honeystraw, SC Tubes (3), Wax Bub, MiniBub

    VC, EQ, Herc, Woody, VM, Lotus

    Bronze, Daisy, Lily, Vaponic, Peace, Lithe, Gnome Cone, Coil, Vap Pocket, Ubie :myday:

    On Loan: Minidog, Pmini, V-one, Max, DT :peace:

    Repair Needed: VHW, XP, UD, ESV :borg:


    For sale: Wicked Sands Mini Sidecar, Okeanos v2, Palm 2.0, Iolite, Ion, TVape Long, Vapordoc, Persei, Cannacigs, Vap2, HA, Xmax V2, Xmax, VG Bat, Elo, Orb Slim, Hunter, AC 601, Nimbinvap, Lotus, EV2, Herbva, Alfa, Summit, Eclipse

    Sold/Gifted/Traded: King Volcano Bong, 2 Chambs,Underdog (Rustic Maple), 9arm perc bub, SC 2pc,
    Davinci, Imag, 10in Honeycomb bub, Tvape Short, Mini Bub, Vapobowl, FM VT1.0, V2 Pro S7, TV T1, VG Handcarved, Transporter, FM OG, Indica, N02, American Glass Sidecar, Imag+, Solo, Birdcage Bub, Inhalater 05s, Flowermate Mini, Pinnacle + PNWT, Hammer, MFLB PA 2.0, Source Orb Slim (+Bubbler&Globe), Source Micro, Quartz Banger, Gravity Bong, V2 Pro S3 (x2), Firefly, Hammer Bub + 10mm nail/dome + torch

    Graveyard: TV T1, Honeycomb bub, Pax, Grav Labs Ash Catcher+Jhook, Evolver Hydratree, Wax Pen Recycler, Vapocane, Vapcap, FC Mod Body, FC Mod Ashcatcher :rip:


    Evo - HI - Air - CFX - Milaana
    710w - HS - DT - Evolve+

    FC UFO - FC Mod - Tag Recycler
    Incoming: GH, TOD

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