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Jan 21, 2015
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Las Vegas


VaporCup Digital Vaporizer, from Las Vegas

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    Home Page:
    Las Vegas
    Greetings to the FC community,

    We thank you for taking the time to read about the VaporCup, and invite you to come check it out on our website, www.vaporcup.com. If you have any questions we will do our best to answer to your satisfaction. You can contact us here in FC, through the website, or email us at info@vaporcup.com. We would also love to hear from any FC member who already has a VaporCup, as we appreciate the feedback. We would now like to say a few words about the VaporCup, the powerful, portable, and discreet digital vaporizer.

    VaporCup was developed to perfect three main goals:

    Powerful performance
    The VaporCup has the power and performance of a desktop vaporizer, contained in a super discreet portable design that can go with you anywhere. VaporCup extracts all the vapor, but never burns. The draws are easy and full of flavor. You never knew your herbs could taste so good. The digital display and heat controls allow accurate temperature adjustment by a single degree, with temperatures ranging from 200°-400°. Set your VaporCup at lower temperatures for great taste, or at higher temperatures for strong vapor. The VaporCup has a powerful rechargeable/replaceable Lithium Ion battery allowing you to take your VaporCup with you anywhere, and a handy passthrough feature that lets you use the VaporCup while it is plugged in for charging. It works great every time.

    Easy to clean
    Our revolutionary removable stainless steel heat chamber just slides out of the unit, and a short soak in alcohol, or specialty cleaner, will keep your heat chamber perfectly clean. Every use can taste as fresh as the first. You will also enjoy how clean the VaporCup stays in-between cleanings, especially when using the glass straws.

    VaporCup blends in with life, as it just looks like a very nice stainless steel coffee travel cup. Don’t let the sleek good looks fool you though. The VaporCup is a very powerful vaporizer with top notch performance. Use it at home or on the go. When in use it looks like you are sipping your favorite beverage. VaporCup comes with a secure lid to keep in odors. The VaporCup is stylish, beautiful, and very discreet.

    We offer great customer service and love to hear from customers
    We are hear to help if you have any issue at info@VaporCup.com.
    You can find tutorial videos on how to use the VaporCup here on www.VaporCup.com.

    To learn more about VaporCup, visit www.VaporCup.com
    We hope you enjoy our website, and we know you will enjoy the VaporCup.

    Relax & enjoy...


    VaporCup Digital Vaporizer

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