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next level
Jan 8, 2012
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next level

Well-Known Member

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    Daily Drivers: Cloud+, Homemade ENail, Underdog, Solo
    In Inventory: Volatizer, Volcano
    Portable Collection: Persei, Omicron, Cera EO/LL, TV1&Rev&DART, more
    Retired or Gone: Verdamper, ViVape, MW, Herbalizer, MFLB, Aromed, SSV, PD
    Donated: Ha 2.1, Underdog, CRZ, Iolite, DBV, LSV, Q
    Glass: Leviathan, Syn Recycler, Colie Recycler, EFS Incycler
    Concentrate Tools: SCS Omni Nail, SCS Magic Tool, HE 18mm Car cap,

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