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Medical Mark
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Feb 19, 2015
Dec 6, 2012
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Medical Mark

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Cannabis saved my life Dec 6, 2012

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Feb 19, 2015
    1. hektik8625
      Man that sux about your cera! I just cancelled my order, and happy I did now! I think it bullshit what they r doin over there! Sound like everyone who gets one has to send it back anyways.....
    2. Zuhallem
      Hey Mark, I'm a fellow Albertan from St Albert. I plan on ordering a LL Cera Kit,, but question the order page, as I click on international it does not let me enter the Province/Country etc. How did you proceed from here? Or should I just place the order by phone.
      BTW how did cannabis save your life?

    3. Medical Mark
      Medical Mark
      Cannabis saved my life
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    Desktops: Herbalizer will be my medical grade vaporizer.

    Vapexhale Cloud(sick unit on the shelf), Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

    Portables: Davinci, Davinci Ascent(BurlWood, Carbon, Croc, Stealth for oil only) Solo, Pinnacle, Vaporblunt 2.0, Cera(EO,LL), MLFB, Pax, Firefly

    Pen style: Cloud pen, GPen, Atmos raw, 710 oil pen.

    Glass: Dual honey comb perc, Cheech ash catcher, Hoss double circ perc, and a few odds and ends adaptors and such, plus the pinnacle pro 14mm water tool, hydratubes x 2 : SSFG Hydraline, swagger hydratube. I eventually want a mobius water tool and a turbine perc eventually. Lol

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