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Oct 5, 2012
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Well-Known Member, Male

    1. Accidental_Oversteer
      Are you still selling the Herbalizer?
    2. vaporlee
      Is hearbie still available?
    3. RelaxedNow
      Yeah, I'm interested in your Herbalizer, but I can't start a conversation with you. I'm not sure why, as I've been able to do so with another member. Based on other posts in your profile, it seems there's an error on the FC site.
    4. jivebuggered
      Hi I was wondering if the Herbie is for sale still? How long did you have it and was there any issues? I think I am sick of waiting for a export model. Is the price $400 US dollars? = $470 Aussie Dollars. Are you able to get a cost to post to Aussie with tracking via USPS or other? Guess would be $40-50? I might still have to buy the transformer if mine was not to work (if I bought that is) Thanks jivebuggered
    5. Derek's Pretty Chill
      Derek's Pretty Chill
      I am having trouble finding a way to contact you for your herbie, send me a pm
    6. Mrencopresis
      Apologies in advance if inappropriate but I can't seem to start a thread with you. I'm interested in your herbalizer assuming it hasn't already been sold. Please PM me.
    7. redijedi808
      Aloha, just curious, what about the Herbalizer makes you want to switch? I just bought a Mighty and am very happy with it...I was looking into a semi portable desktop vape and the Herbalizer seems to be it. Not sure though since I'm really happy with the performance of the Mighty.

      But the VAS is getting me with the Herbalizer...
    8. Galactus
      PM me first :)
    9. zeek01
      Yea, I have a used volcano as well, but likewise, I cant PM or reply to your thread. PM if interested.
    10. Galactus
      i have a volcano if you interested pm me
      apparently i can't comment on your ad or pm you
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    Pure fiction :)

    Current: Herbalizer & Mighty

    My Current VAS: None

    No longer own: Firefly, Classic/Digital Volcano, Vapexhale Cloud+, Pax, Solo, Magic Flight & Da Buddha

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