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Aug 25, 2014
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    My Vapes and Accessories:
    The Mighty by Storz and Bickel + Magic Flight Orbiter
    A not so long time ago in a state not so far away a traveler saw a beautiful device used to worship buddha known as the Pax. :bowdown: He knew then and there it must be his and began his search to acquire one. But this was only the beginning. The Pax :bowdown: began to stick and a Pax :bowdown: became a Firefly :borg:. A Firefly :borg: began to die and it became a Solo :freak:. A Solo :freak: was too large and it morphed into a small wooden box known as the MFLB :luv:. Soon the Flight Box :luv: had a brother in the form of the SSV :nod:. Hard times descended and those two :luv: :nod: became a Plenty :tup:. But the Plenty :tup: was greedy so a master of conservation replaced it, the mighty E-Nano ;pd;. But another called to our traveler from afar. One that was even Mightier :cool:.

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