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I'm new here so I don't even know anybody yet, but reading thru other threads y'all seem cool as hell. But like, I'm posting this because I haven't indulged in herb in a decent while. Well I ordered some tonight and I'm pretty fuckin high right now, and my roomie's asleep and no neighbors are out to go BS with so I got nobody to talk to. I did some research before I ordered, but I think I might have indulged a lil heavily, or a lot. It's Apple Fritter, never had it before but the reviews made it sound bomb. I'm pretty sure 1 reviewer mentioned starting slow with it. I took, I dunno 5? good hits. Pretty sure 5 doesn't qualify as starting slow. Wow, this stuff is tasty and wow, it's strong! The bag says 28.67% THC. Aren't you suppose to start with some 15%'ish THC shit when you haven't had any for a year? Yeah, I think I should have kept it at 1 puff here ha. OHHH I feel hiiiiiigh as hell, And for anyone who's had this, if this isn't considered strong I'm scared as shit to try anything stronger lol. 28% seems like a lot lot. OHHH there's a .67% after that too. Sheieieieieit.

I hope to become a regular here, peace to all you! And after my next couple highs I hope to be adjusted to it so I'm not posting threads like this anymore.

fuck, im, high, so, high.


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Welcome, my friend.
There are plenty of good people here who are more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge. I've learned so much in the last several years since I started hanging out here!

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