Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod Fits ALL Oil Cartridges


Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.
I did check for that (there was none) but oil leaks usually break the electrical connection for me to where a cartridge won’t fire.

Sorry to hear this. Talk about timing. I read this whole thread and just ordered one of these yesterday. I guess I won't be leaving it alone to babysit the kids. Glad it wasn't serious.

One of the reasons I bought a uni pro is the hope that the ceramic carts available to me will fit. The live resin carts that I can buy are the wickless ceramic heater and mouthpiece type. They are way too thick to fit in the ccell Palm I had purchased earlier, which sucked. Based on the ability to adjust the aperture of the Uni I was hoping these carts will fit. I was also looking at maybe picking up a Twist.
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