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I was looking at Yocan's concentrates oriented products after I read a couple of great comments/reviews on their products on here. That's actually how I stumbled on their take on a Dry Herb vaporizer.

They have a couple of features that I find really neat about it. The integrated cannabis grinder and container that's integrated in the vaporizer itself is a nice touch to make it a true all-you-will-need unit.

Another feature I thought was also really smart is the addition of an integrated poker in the mouthpiece. The beauty of it is all you need to do is give the mouthpiece a few twists to mix your herbs for more even vaporization.

P.S: I'm not affiliated with them in anyway, though if they want to send me a unit for testing it out I wouldn't say no. I only posted this on FC because I thought it looked interesting with nice little features and the specifications look pretty good. At 79.99US$ or 89.99$(US I think, not quite sure why the price difference) and 99.99$CAD. (Links below)

One thing I would of loved to see is a video of the unit's performance. The color of the herbs at the end of a session. Another thing, I see it says 2600mah 18650 High Drain Battery. That's awesome, but it doesn't mention if it can be changed on the go (what kind of security features does it have regarding battery), or even if in the event of a battery failure, would it be user replaceable? And most importantly if there is enough venting/or venting at all to keep it from turning into a "pipe bomb" and injuring people gravely. Burns can already happen with good venting, but a Pipe Bomb could REALLY injure someone without warnings. (with venting, people usually realize the heat and noise of the battery venting before they can get serious injuries). I just feel like security features are important with these kind of batteries, they are on "e-liquid personal vaporizers" (PVs) so they should also be available on Cannabis vaporizers as well. :)

*I also took the liberty to shoot them an email, both the original Yocan which I believe to be based in China, and YocanUSA distributors. It's important for them to know in order for them to be able to answer our questions, which I hope they'll join us in this thread :)*

Here are the specs and a picture.:


Exploded View:


The poker I was talking about:


Non-Restrictive Airflow:


The Built-In Grinder:


The LCD Display:


The Dimensions:


Of course this all came from their website(s):
http://www.yocanonline.com/product/yocan-ishred/ (89.99$)
https://www.yocanusa.com/products/yocan-ishred-dry-herb-vaporizer-kit?variant=26350956611 (79.99$)
http://torontohemp.com/products/yocan-ishred-vaporizer-for-dry-herb (For Canadians 99.99$CAD)


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Not too impressed, looks like another cheap Chinese vape. The grinder will only add smell and if it extracted well there would be no need for a stir pin. I hope ill be proved wrong but we will have to wait and see.


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Reminds me of the Thermovape T1, at least the bowl looks like it with the added feature of the stirring pin.
But just like @lookhigh said, if extraction was good, why the pin? T1 never impressed me, and stirring was required all the time.

Edit: Not talking down on Thermovape products, I think they were ahead of their time, but that was many years ago, Yocan is putting out great concentrate related products so I expected better from them, price wise they are great, but they haven't been able to put out a true herb vaporizer until now, I'll wait for the reviews.
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I think it is kind of cool and good for people on a budget but i'd really like to see the oven and internals. I happen to really like all there concentrate pens , the pricing is spot on and i never had a problem with them. I have buddies with pens 3x the price and they have all tried my yocan's and were impressed. This is a totally different product so you never know. I doubt it has a user replaceable battery though , i don't think any of there products do.
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Think the built-in stirrer is a really good idea that others should emulate. If you can just rotate the stirrer during a session to mix, it offsets a lot of the negatives of conduction vapes. With the "cost to stir" now much lower, who cares if you have to stir a little? Rotate the stirrer before and after each hit. Even in convection vapes it would make a difference since the airflow cools from the beginning to the end of the chamber.


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YOCAN ISHRED - After about 10 uses I get a message saying "NO ATOMIZER". I see that a number of other people have this same problem. I have not received any answers from Yocan Service e-mails. It appears that this is a sealed unit and battery or atomizer are not accessible. I'd shop a little more before purchasing this product.
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YOCAN ISHRED - After about 10 uses I get a message saying "NO ATOMIZER". I see that a number of other people have this same problem. I have not received any answers from Yocan Service e-mails. It appears that this is a sealed unit and battery or atomizer are not accessible. I'd shop a little more before purchasing this product.
Any resolution?

Looks like Yocan was very present here ....for the first times, now they totally disappeared!

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From the photos it looks like it has a conduction cylindrical ceramic heater like many vaporizers do for a few years now. Nothing wrong with it. No mention about heat up time though. If it's longer than a minute then :disgust:.
But the grinder looks like a disaster in the pics! The teeth seem to have no sharp edges whatsoever. I imagine it grinds only the driest herbs and makes a mess of the rest... :p And has anyone noticed the coarse screen covering the holes in the grinding chamber from which the ground herb is supposed to fall in the container? Maybe that's what our Asian friends mean when they say "grinds your herbs into a fine powder perfect for vaporizing"? You twist and twist and twist until the extra dry bud is turned into dust and passes through that coarse screen! :lol: And then you don't even have to vape it... You just sniff it! :lol::ko:
Enough roasting... :lol: Hope they come out with a nice product, not like the one in the pics. ;)
Stirrer is a nice touch. It should freshen up the taste a little... :nod:
natural farmer,
I was traveling Stateside and needed a vaporizer for just a few weeks. Stopping by a local vape place I saw the iShred, and as it was the only vape set up for loose leaf and it was in my price range (cheap!) I bought it.

Yes, the built in grinder and stash box are a waste, but the unit functioned quite well for what it is. So well in fact that before I left the U.S. of A. I purchased one more to bring back with me so that when friends visit I could give them a loaner. I had to leave the used one behind...Some of the countries I was traveling through have no sense of humor about cannabis.

For $50 it's OK. It did the job for me.

Back home I have...Herbalaire Elite (had an H2 for about 8 years and gave it away to make room for the upgrade), Aromazap(s) (my first vaporizers--one for home and one for the office), several Vapor Genie specimens, a DaVinci and a DaVinci Ascent.

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Hey,are you still using the Yocan iShred Dry Herb Vaporizer ?


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I got this Vape for just over a month and wanted to use it this evening after a while of not using it and now it won’t heat up. Error message “No Atomizer” reflects. This is really annoying. Anyone know if this can be replaced? Thanks
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