Xmax Stash Box GIVEAWAY!!


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Thank you for the contest !!

there were plenty of positive comments... which I could take up...

but for constructive criticism...

-I find the logo too big,
- I have the impression that the outer walls are a little too flexible
-I would like adjustable compartments
-I like the padlock... for children

thanks again !!


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The "tag" is naff (I'm not twelve years old)... it seems more aimed at those who combust rather than vape (rolling tray?)... it looks too small for my needs (*)...

...and is it me, or is the lock in the second picture lopsided? (The right side appears higher than the left.)

* My current stash bag
Eono wash bag


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I received one of these for Xmas from Xmax for being a fanboy customer of the Xmax V3 Pro (I could not help that I really liked the vape!)
Here are my thoughts and @XMAXVAPORIZER if my name comes up (I think/hope the comp has closed) please spin again to share the love.
is it airtight?
Not quite, I just did a test with my wife, 2x unsealed freshly ground stinky weed containers in the closed stash placed indoors...she asked if my crop was nearly ready and that I should change my charcoal filter...the kit comes with an airtight glass jar for herb storage so I would recommend using that for herb storage in the stash-box. The stash does have what seems to be the rubber seal type zipper so it may stop most smells given off by vaporizers.
Looks like every other smell-proof case, probably a single manufacturer making them :lol:
They are definitely not created equal, I have a HerbGaurd that is a fair bit higher quality but it was not cheap,
I would like adjustable compartments
It has them, sort of, the velcro dividers can be reversed or removed for some customizing.
(rolling tray?)
I use this tray to hold my dab odds and ends at my dab station, very handy for me.
and is it me, or is the lock in the second picture lopsided?
Just a little creased fabric, the walls are a little more supple as I said it is not a smell proof version like my semi hard-cased, charcoal liner equipped HerbGaurd above.
Still, a handy storage kit worth having for protecting your vape...good luck to all!

lauri melissa

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I like the looks of this. It seems to have all the compartments one would need, like me! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Have a great day everyone✌️❤️
lauri melissa,
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Sorry to be late to communicate you the result, you were 34 peoples to enter, I put your usernames in commentpicker.com and the winner is...

!!! @Summer !!!

Here the link: https://commentpicker.com/random-name-picker.php?id=rnp_62305400b49e9596

I'll contact you shortly by PM in order to get your adress, I expect your prize will be shipped before the end of the week. Thank you for everybody who entered in this Giveaway. Have fun!
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