Why have I been grinding my herb? Do you grind or rip?


Land of the long vapor cloud
For years I have been using a cheap, fold-able cuticle scissor (so called) to cut flower as needed for the moment and the next, and the next, and ...
...I decided to buy a grinder; it was only two months ago. The grinder is accumulating within it what I want within me.
The scissors are easily cleaned for the sticky stuff. The grinder not so much..
Some finger broken bud-lets in the vape is a nice way to try each month's new muggles.

Love it! I used a pair of nail scissors for years, the curve of the blades matched that of my favorite chop bowl perfectly. I splashed out a couple of years back and bought a pair of scissors with ergonomic handles. The nail scissors got retired soon thereafter. :spliff:
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