Which Vaporizer for an older woman?


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Ive been here for quite a while now, and have learned quite a bit about many different models of vaporizers.

Well, today a friend that combusts asked me about my vaporizer. His grandmother is recovering from cancer and is having a hard time. She isnt eating enough among a few other issues. It was suggested to him that she use a vaporizer.

I think that a log type vape would be perfect for her due to price, simplicity and its "warmness." These vapes are simple and I think the warmth that it gives off will feel good on her older hands. I think that these type of vapes require the smallest amount of lung power to use as well, does that seem true? I think this is the way I am going to direct him in his pursuance of a vaporizer.

Posting up to see if I am overlooking anything. Any input is appreciated and welcome.


The only "draw-free" experience in vaporizing to me is either a bag type vape or an assisted draw feature as the EQ's one. If I understood right, log vapes need some "little" lung power. But other then that... I think you are right on all your statements!


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Actually, caseball, a bag vape would require the smallest amount of lung power if that is a major concern. Either that or a fan assisted whip vape, but if simplicity of use is the primary concern, the PD/MZ type vapes is at the top of the list.


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true. I had thought about a bag vape as well. I figured that it might intimidate her because of all the technology and wahtnot. She is an old school kinda woman, I got yelled at recently for wearing my hat in the house!

I think that if she is able to drink liquid through a straw shell be able to puff on a log vape.

Lung problems werent mentioned. I was just thinking about some problems that an 85-90 yr old woman could have while trying to use a vaporizer.


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Yeah I think a bag vape would probably be best, especially if someone else is around to help her out and blow bags for her and then just hand them to her. I know that when i was really sick with lung problems a little while ago, it hurt to take a hit off my wdz even with a really lightly packed stem, but not out of a HA bag.

And, based on recent experiences, i think if she gets a log it should be a zap because they have more air inlet holes and feel easier to draw on, imo.

a bag vape would also allow for temperature selection/ramping to allow for her to choose between thinner and thicker vapor more easily.

of course i'd highly recommend both :brow:


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Can one take their time hitting a bag? Or does it have to be done fairly quickly? I havent used as many vapes as I wish I have. I am the only one of my friends that vapes.

I plan to bring over the MZ for her in a few days and let her have a whack at it to see how she likes it.


ive done two different bags now and neither required you to be quick about it. although something with a little air assist id think would be ideal in her case. anything to make the experience more enjoyable should be priority for her so its looked forward to and not somewhat dreaded. best of luck and kudos for being a help to her.


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FLskwat said:
log vapes need some "little" lung power.
It depends on how you pack the bowl and the consistency of the herb you're working with. If it's ground fine, you have to load light to have an easy pull. Even then, it can compact as you draw. A coarser grind makes it easier to maintain a good air flow. Another consideration for this user may be whether or not a higher temp is desirable. Medical users often benefit by using the higher temp range.

Can one take their time hitting a bag? Or does it have to be done fairly quickly?
You don't want to leave vapor in a bag for a half hour, but it's fine to take your time with the bag. Bagged vapor is definitely the easiest for a newbie to deal with. As long as you can load the bowl and install a bag, there's no learning curve.


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This looks like a job for the Herbalaire. It does both bags and whip, and it's built like a tank. More important to someone her age, however, is that she won't have to grind.
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