Which 2 vapes do you wish would have a baby?


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For me I'd choose Supreme+Volcano.

I swear to Our Lord and Savior Fuck that the Supreme has the best heater on the market. Combine that with the Volcano's air pump and temperature controls and it would be glorious. Classic knob and modern touch/bluetooth styles. Can use bags and whips and add a Cloud Evo hydratube type option. I would name it Olympus in honor of the biggest volcano in the solar system (that we know of) Mars' Olympus Mons.

Many vapes cloud and some make milk but this would make syrup.

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anty vape like the Fury2 with a glass insert attatchment that allows pure bglass to mouth vapor and not some plastic hose or Bag ETC.... a heater directly below the herb chamber and then heated air making vapor into glass only = Ideal .. so maybe a huge battery type vape ( ??) with the Fury2 glass attachments being used .

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New Vape Weedeater and Dynavap which might not be that far off with a IH with temperature control so I can take as big of a rip as I want


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Flowermate CAP + Supreme.

I know that's not possible, but we are talking fantasy here, right?


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My picked will be Mighty+Grasshopper. The mighty in a grasshopper form factor with digital temperature will be amazing. Of course, it has to produce nice and cool vapor. Then add the grasshopper removable batteries and a single click activation.
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