what's your ultimate technique/setup??????

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what's your ultimate technique/setup for your favourite vapes????? there's a lot of talk about starting best of threads for vapes since so many are so long so I thought I'd start this thread as a sorta place to see how others are using vapes they have and wouldn't mind some tips. so we are going to need some rules:goon:.

rule one: ALL posts for techniques must be titled in large font size with the vape name, feel free to do as many vapes as you like but please be very happy with your technique and title each separate vape, people who post " I turn it on and wait for it to come to temp, then hit it " will be ruthlessly mocked by me! oh yeah I'll bring your momma into this:argh:. people must be able to quickly thumb through the thread to find the info they want on the vapes they are interested in and be able to breeze through a bunch of superfluous chatter.

rule two: there is room for discussion but you must quote the technique you are commenting on (not reply to post), follow up discussion must include a tag/quote/reply of who the discussion is with

those are the only rules we really need, I'm not big on rules and if you keep them simple more people follow them anyway. bonus points for vapes that have a learning curve. please feel free to be as detailed as you like and include equipment lists, pics, that is very much encouraged. old vapes are welcome here, there is no requirement for vapes to be current or available. really you should feel your technique completely elevates your experience and that's all that really matters. I'll be chiming in myself but want this post to be about the rules. looking forward to picking up some tips myself.


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