What's in your vape right now?


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Awesome stories & especially the personal pictures :clap:

@666Honeybadger, that batch above looks awesome :luv:

Thx for sharing & I'd love to try Tangilope @Babylon Drifter :tup:. That Electric Ave sounds awesome

I have the 4th new sativa batch in the vape & I'm impressed again :science::evil:. It's a potent batch of sativa leaning Blue Dream :love:. I really enjoy classic strains & good batches of Blue Dream are awesome! It's My #1 sativa leaning strain over Green Crack, Golden Goat, Green Goblin, etc..... & better than all balanced hybrids too imo (but I'm a sativa fan 👍). Blue Dream has excellent blueberry flavors & a nice cerebral stimulation kick, with excellent entourage f/x all mixed in. Higher temp vaping will tame the sativa side with a significant indica kick (estimated 60/40 sativa/indica). Blue Dream is a lovely strain & widely available in North America+. Here's a picture, large nug & it looks to be the frostiest BD batch I've picked up over the last 8 or so years (zoom in), enjoy & cheers 🥳

What ya think? :sherlock:

This Blue Dream vapes very terpy & bring clouds. Even at low temps

Turns out I've literally picked up four quality frosty sativas recently :tup:. Hopefully it seems the cannabis market in Canada is improving, cheers & vape on!

HAF right now so sorry for any spelling / grammar issues :razz:

Have a great weekend

:peace: :leaf:
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A local dispensary was selling Blue Dream at a discount almost a month ago. All this talk about it made me "fish" some more out of the freezer. I hope to grow my own in the near future.

IMO the basic myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene terpene profile gives it a finely balanced flavor, it's both spicy and sweet at the same time.

Fortunately it compliments some of the dank strains in my inventory when blended.

Also decarb'd 1/4 ounce and stuffed it into gel caps (+olive oil) last week. Haven't enjoyed edibles until I started making my own in the last few months. I'm guessing these 00s are 70 mg each. :science:
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From one blue dream to another.
First bash with this one. Only one week in jar but already a nice vape. Give it another couple of months I'm hoping she will be smooth and fruity. In fact I'm running this one again.


Rosin from same blue dream :
yeah!!!! a lot of trichomes, although it looks like an old genetics, still very frosty!!! fire!!!!


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So awesome in many ways @Chicken No Name :tup:. The nug looks nice frosty and has a more old-school leafy sativa structure :clap:. And the rosin looks amazeballs. Keep up the great work. If you can, I'd love to see a picture without the flash too.

Great Blue Dream @JBone65 :tup:. You bought 3 Oz at a great price iirc, I forgot about that :doh:. Really impressive. And we've been overlapping on some sativas which is kewl :nod:.

Niiice @NYC_Frank!

Hey, it's great to see all the Blue Dream fans popping their heads up again! It's been a while. What an awesome strain with a great history and it's quite widely available. A modern classic

Here are a few BD reads in recent news.

BD discussed in this excellent haze history article. https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/haze-marijuana-family-strains-appreciation

And enjoy this Blue Dream strain literature I shared earlier.

..."Blue Dream will rip eternal"... & ..."both Weezer and Prometheus Brown released songs called Blue Dream this year [2021]...

TGIF and after a weekly break my first & current in the vape is this new batch of Durban Poison again, enjoy!

I like to vape progressing from high sativa content strains to high indica content strains slowly through the weekend, it helps me surf & extend the classic sativa rush & entourage f/x :science::brow:. I went with Durban Poison first here as I picked up less Hawaiian Snow. And low temp vaping brings a big sativa hit that lasts hrs w/ all the beautiful entourage effects, cheers.

HAF so sorry for any spelling / grammar issues :razz:.

Have a great night.

:peace: :leaf:
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Sniff, it's the last of my Matanuska Thunder Fuck stash in the MFLB tonight. What is there to say about it that the name doesn't tell you? Well it's flavor reminds me of hot chocolate. It totally lives up to its name BTW.



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This is different. This is a CBD/THC blend as fas as I can tell. Not really a buzz, but I feel OK. Not getting a sleepy feeling, just really mellow.

Not sure if this is something I will order again, but I can understand why some people really like this strain.




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I have two dispenseries on my short list where I get all my meds from recently. One is great for all concentrates as they process in-house. The other I only visit for their organically grown flower, which is lovely.

I made a concentrate haul today to replenish the supply house, but just had to stop by the flower joint to see what they had. Picked up just an eighth of their Grape Ape. Wow... this stuff is heavenly. The grapey, fruitly flavor is mellow, but the effects are couchlocking. It seemed a bit dry from being served deli style, so I dropped it in a mason jar with a 62% Boost. I hope to experience the true essence of Mr. Grape Ape in a few days. :spliff:

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It's some Mello Yellow from my garden today. An excellent strain for being couch locked and jamming out.



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Took out my Sticky Brick Runt for some hands on algebra.
A little field test was sufficient to experience first hand how some strains seem to be made for a specific device!
I came to the conclusion that perfect pairing of those 2 variables (strain&device) results in huge cloudage and prolonged entourage effects..
The math behind it was surpisingly simple in this particular case:

(Runt* x RuntZ**) = RuntZ ²

* device
** strain

Homeschooling rocks!


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Really interesting info @CANtalk .

More blue dream porn:
If you can, I'd love to see a picture without the flash too.

I had 2 phenos growing, say P1 and P2.
Both displayed Sativa characteristics with leaf structure and height. I took both at 10 weeks but think they would have appreciated another week. P1 was the bigger yielder with better bud structure but little smell. P2 more sativa leaning leaf structure and bud structure less uniform. However it really stank in flower so I kept it.


P2 after only a few weeks curing is really nice. First hits are very citrus with a hint of lemon fizz. Pineapple follows before a more earthy mouthfeel kicks in. Initially the citrus was a tad overpowering and my nose would twitch like crazy but it's calmed down now.
As mentioned I am running P2 again but I've not kept it for further grows. I'm always in the look out for other flavs and I will have plenty of jars to last a while.
Both giving around 20% return on rosin using 90 bag.

yeah!!!! a lot of trichomes, although it looks like an old genetics, still very frosty!!! fire!!!!
Thanks. I have no idea. Bought from msnl about 6 years ago and stored until now.


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Edit alert!

I actually fucked up and am vaping Original Amnesia... So also Amnesia on the picture, i mixed up the jars... Ever so sorry but this momma is also 80% sativa and has been jarred for 3 months too so not lying there. ;)
I'll post pics of her White Widow love child next time!

End Edit

Ultra White Amnesia**

Love child of White Widow and Amnesia!

🦨80% Sativa🦨

Been curing for 3 months so it's still "in development" but kinda tasty already!
Very cloudy, perfect for racing off!
Straight into the weekend!


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Northern Lights

Broke into this last night. Also first time ordering from Arete. I have heard mostly positive things lately but have heard mixed things in the past. Picked some of this and their budget Laughing Buddha.

Smooth but spicy and sweet is the best I can describe it.

Effects were definitely some of the most potent I've felt. Super relaxed and couch locked. Probably should have stopped at two bowls in my session, but it was too damn good. :)


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:Love Blue dream!

Blue Gelato from Barney's Farms has been keeing me going through this winter- it's a good one even though Barney's just bastardise US strains with whatever ! It's got that spicy fruit thing you can get from Blue Dream with some dairy tones and a similar high.
Just opened a vacuum bag that had been kept warm for a month or so and it is better than when I bought it! This curing method is excellent.


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Today it is Northern Lights using the Flowermate, Starry, and Tera v3.

This strain seemed to cook better with conduction than convection. The vapor seemed to be very light, had a mild weedy taste, at low temps. At higher temps the vapor became more visible, thicker, and stronger tasting.

What stands out for me, is the delayed effect. While vaping, I didn't feel much anything. However, 15-20 minutes later it produced a pleasant, relaxed, and happy buzz.


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