What's in your vape right now?

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Revisiting Gelato 33. Bought it awhile ago. Underestimated it initially. Tried it again this morning, seems much better now. I agree with the reviews online, it's balanced and strong, with a wide spectrum of unusual mind-bending terpenes.

Took the time to Google it. I commend Cookie Family Genetics in the SF Bay Area. I also have a little Sherbet Cookies leftover in the freezer, which also provides a good head buzz. That's from another Bay Area company called Elev8 Seeds. Somehow those premium cookie genetics ended up in budget Oklahoma weed. Life is good out in the brush.....sometimes!

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Revisiting Gelato 33. Bought it awhile ago. Underestimated it initially. Tried it again this morning, seems much better now. I agree with the reviews online, it's balanced and strong, with a wide spectrum of mind bending terpenes.
I am puffing on some Gelato #33 as well in my FW7. One of my favorite strains recently .


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I'm into a sweet stash of Silver Kush today. It has very nice lemony terps.

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. I personally ate until I didn't feel well, more than once already. I'll give it another half hour and then I'm going back in for pie of various types.
Ima load up some more of that kush in my TM2 right now. :peace: :spliff::cheers:


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Nice to see all the posts 👍. Wow, lots of great personal stash & batch pics 🌠, luv it :bowdown:.

All the posts got me reminiscing my overall #1 favorite strain 🤔 :science::mmmm:... Super Lemon Haze :love:. I spent years chasing frosty strains and batches, then an average frosty looking batch of sativa SLH blew me away. I've become able to tease out the THC high from an overall high and personally really enjoyed / preferred the overall entourage effects that come from all the other cannabinoids & terpenes in a great strain. And this SLH batch rules them all 👑

Here's a picture of my 'average' batch of Super Lemon Haze again & enjoy!

Looks average, but it isn't.

And Super Lemon Haze is in my vape right now :nod:. TGIF & first bowl of the week :brow:. I used all the nugs up in my batch afaict around mid July, but today I pulled out about half of what fell off onto the bottom of the (moisture packet) stored mason jar and remained after using up the nugs. I upped the amount in the bowl a bit from usual to account for it being loose product. And sitting here luving the high ❤️... really great, highly recommend SLH :science::freak:.

My recent pictures and batches of Strawberry Cough, Vortex, Trainwreck, etc., are all more frosty, but this here nug & batch had the most magic for me ✨. I'm a microdoser and have a low tolerance to THC... I've indulged in some extra bowls in the last few weeks and have greened out (only a little more than) a few times, lol.

I'm quite high, so sorry for any spelling / grammar issues :razz:.

Have an excellent night.

:peace: :leaf:
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Sour Banana Sherbet in an XMax V3 Pro

Sour Banana Sherbet, also known as "Sour Banana Sherbert" and "Banana Sherbet Kush," is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sour Diesel with Banana Sherbet. This strain produces heavy-hitting effects that may make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Sour Banana Sherbet features a mix of sour fruit and diesel flavors that consumers love. Growers say this strain is easy to grow but stretches a great deal, meaning height management techniques are a must for anyone wanting to grow this at home.




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Late Saturday night w/ Blue Dream in the vape... so awesome :bowdown:, a very very zippy sativa leaning strain :science::evil: with amazeballs flavors :clap:. Here's a picture of my batch again, enjoy.

Standout THC & terpene / other cannabinoid hit and high. Very cerebrally stimulating when starting the vape at low temps. Then finish vaping @ higher temps for the indica f/x. That's what's next here ;)...

I've been thinking of doing some dabbing for the first time in ~9 months too :freak::haw: . It turns out I'm a seasonal dabber, and we're in season :nod: (winter). Been a long time :brow:... will do soon, cheers.

Sorry for any spelling / grammar issues :razz:.

What's in ur vape? Thx for sharing, have a great weekend.

EDIT: HAF on a second bowl of BD flower :science:... it's consistently been the best strain / batches for flavors I've had, with excellent potency as well. Wow blueberry flavors again, even now late and many bowls in... sweet, smooth, beautiful :bowdown::bowdown:. Zoom zoom, Blue Dream, it's famous for a reason. Cheers & top notch recommended when you can find a good source / batch :love:.
Seek it, get it, try it :mmmm::bigleaf:

:peace: :leaf:
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I really enjoyed Super Lemon Haze the last few weeks in the #1 vape spot after a weekly break but instead now went w/ Strawberry Cough :science::science: :evil:. Here's my batch again, enjoy. It's been in the #1 spot for a few months before the recent SLH change-up... and has been well deserved. Vaping colas helps too :clap: :bowdown:

A frosty strong sativa batch. I'm in the low temp draws atm & HAF, zoom zoom :freak:. TGIF and have a great weekend

:peace: :leaf:

EDIT: I currently refocused enough to go wow... I'm strong sativa super HAF 🚀 & transcending some self awareness at this moment :whoa:🌠. I'm also mid way through an added bowl of Acapulco Gold atm. Both of these are top recommended try strains and combos (in quality batches) . What's in ur vape?!!
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