What's in your Shrine? New Product market research.


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So as I am a new the vaporizing world, My newly purchased DBV has brought some nice ideas to the table concerning accessibly and storage of every daily drivers utensils of the trade. Or as some call it your stash box. I have a cheap fireproof box

that is long been kicked to the curb. Now I might call myself a vegan vaporizer. In lame-ass terminology that would consist of me being strictly a vaper. So with Combustion and all the items that come with it are really forgotten by the wayside. Clutter and crap that just takes up space. I have no time (in case of the Buddha 2 mins...RADICAL!) to pack a bowl etc etc...not to mention the butane,odor,health...yadda yadda. You have heard it all before. Thats why you have registered like me and the other thousands and thousands of users on FC. You are the voice of the vaporizing community.
So back to being a "vegan" Vaporizer (forgot about blunts...those are special occasions). I have changed my set up like most of you (or all) many many times to accommodating my every day needs. I find myself wanting to have everything in a nice gentleman's box if you will (don't know what it is look it up also might be under gentleman's caddy). Not to forget out Lady partakers out there that might want one as well. A place to have well as George Carlin would say..."YOUR SHIT! WHILE YOU GO OUT AND GET MORE SHIT!". Well since all my combustion items collect dust and my lock box obviously will not securely hold my DBV based on size. I culled out my box and narrowed down my essentials. I then changed to not only having the essential items but, how to efficiently store and have readily avail to my needs. I come from a long line of master-craftsman's with the intuitive of making things better but outside the box. In this case exactly a box that serves the DBV and other style vapes on the market with a few minimal changes in design. So with a box you need those "essentials". So I am giving you a basic list of the things I use in my daily "reading the news".
The pick that comes with DBV is a must. Grinder for me was all I needed. No sifter but in YOUR case this would be where the customization begins but more on that later. I own a large Space Case grinder. Family heirloom, seriously Gratefulbuys.com. Had mine 4 years check him out great stuff. The almighty delivery of your precious vapor...your "whip". Your Duff jar,and of coarse your herbal blend of choice. I keep my duff in a glass jar from

I find that this jar will hold about a half z.
all my other jars that I store my stock are perfect. Recycled of coarse

Can you tell I cook? Pick em up they are great seasonings and the left over jar is killer for storing my top stock along others (yeah color coded caps nice huh?). So I usually keep 3 to 4 different strains. Now imagine all this stuff laying around or having to "fetch" what you lose (mainly the pick and you know what I'm talking about). So I exposed my pops to the non combustion world while telling him of my idea's.We came up with this post to ask about what you use with your daily driver? How do you store it? Is it efficient and could it be better?
The main issues I have or worry about is herb going into the heating element. Everyone is guilty of picking up the DBV and tilting it...don't lie. The wand falling out (not happened yet I twist my wand for even coverage.). A stuck wand that is just stubborn as hell. Scary too because you don't want to break it. A holder for the wand. I find myself sometimes thinking what I'm holding in my hand and its the wand. So my Father and I being the thinkers we are have decided to come up with a box the securely holds DBV on display for usability and all your stash gear etc... only while taking up the space of a normal sheet of printer paper. The only customizable thing I could think of would be everyones choice of grinders. Some get pretty tall and can take up space but this can easily be resolved.
So I need this forums help with what you use to get by or how your obsessive compulsiveness of your gear and how much of it you have. A prototype box (Shrine1) will be made this week with specs and measurements of what we already have on the drawing board now ready to cut. Pictures as well! I can say I am excited as this will solve a lot of users problems while tastefully have your vaporizer of choice (again easily customizable) on display for use. Mainly we are putting the box back into vape's. That can be used not as the delivery system but as your storage. A lot is floating around already so please stir up the vapor around this and post what you have. This will help us determine what the needs of our population are. Thanks for your input as its a great tool in making sure all voices are heard on making a great item. Feedback is GOD.

Thanks and Keep Vaping! :)


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SO I am surprised that no one even responded but I guess with the subject matter at hand ...its hard to ask "what's in your stash?". I am here with the prototype Shrine1 in a rough cut using 3/4 ply with luan.
First we needed to know what all is in your stash. As in this case being a prototype and could make adjustments to cater specific needs of what you and your Buddha want. I have a large Spacecase, pick, whip, duff jar, herb jar. Plain and simple. I find that I want a all in one package to hold all my things.
So starting off the main issues with the Buddha is organic matter falling into the heating element chamber.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Here after we got our design sketched and cut out of our 3/4 ply (you will see below) we needed to know where the rubber knobs sat on wood. I was wanting something flush and added more strength. The Buddha sometimes wobblies a little. Plus its added base for twisting the wand and not having to hold the Buddha.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Now on wood we could drill the holes for a flush base.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
After drilling the holes we have a nice mat for the Buddha to sit on. Since its recessed into the wood we just barely drilled over the size we wanted to have some wobble to get in and out easily

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Now you get the concept of the Shrine. At an angle to prevent the organic matter falling into the chamber.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Now the other side we wanted to put in a drawer. With this prototype I made this one smaller just to get a taste of what the next one will be for ME. Before we start a line in other woods and materials.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Drew out the drawer and scrolled it

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Looks nice and couldn't wait to build the rest of the box

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Even after scrolling and not even sanding yet the drawer was going to fit nicely

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
Fitted out the legs to length and boxed....well out our box.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
A peak inside the Shrine1 at the drawer length. Will make adjustments on this. I felt tlike we wasted room on this.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
After cutting out the sides and front for the other box that will hold the wand we glued. Used staples and nails with the brad nailer to bring it home.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
As you can see I routed a very little bit out of the top front part of the box to dump my grindings out for scoop or suck up through the wand. Added a little spice to it.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
As you can see it fits the grinder nicely and the front box we know in further prototypes to make a little bigger due to length of your wand and or other items.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
So after the final assessment of todays woodworking activities there were a few more things to do before the final unveiling of Shrine1. Fill all holes with putty and give a good final sand.

By trouserstain at 2011-02-20
I needed to also find a place for the 10ft cord that 7th Floor graciously blessed us with. Not to mention a nice dark stain with knobs for the drawers. Thinking of a nice sealant or something smooth finish for the reservoir. THIS IS A PROTOTYPE very rough rough cut. I expect to make this box out of many different items. After I have the final pieces to cater a small umbrella of people I can run a line for that model of Shrine. So this is it people. Please shoot me back some things you use as storage, utensils, etc...
I will post sometime within the weekend after I have finished the Shrine1. Hope you all like.
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you should cut a mouse pad to size to put under the wand. would look sweet and protect your wand at that angle.


Great work there TDA!!! :o
Just a comment: can something be done to hide the power supply cord?

Again bravo for the already done work!!!


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yeah, i'm impressed. i had loosely considered some sort of angle mount, keep the pics coming, might get me motivated.

Have you considered some sort of holder / hanger for the whip? that is the other thing i thought of.


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Thanks for the feedback! As for a mouse pad (smoking electricity), I decided to make a wand holder (answers your q rabblerouser) to attach or slide down the sides of the box possibly. Just to keep it low key to put away for storage purposes. IN some users cases that wont be an issue. I am using a standard 3 foot whip that came with. So with the users that have 3ft+ wands, the Pops and I decided to make a prototype of a lazy susan like this

or do away some how with the box if there are some users in "legal" states that just want it all out in the open.

this will be at a later date of coarse. I want to finish a model of Shrine boxes then work on a "Legal" states version like this. It would be AWESOME for a small get together right? Still I was thinking about smoking electricity's mouse pad idea. During the sketch phase we were thinking about making the box a little bigger to accommodate a plush velvet pillowing and button around the grooved out portion of the box for the grindings.

something like this pattern (in purple of coarse) but the idea about this was to be stealthy and economical. Time for assembly, parts, etc...to bring the Shrine forward as small as a piece of printer paper. AS well as making this affordable for people to buy and not be ridiculously expensive.
As for the extension cord I plan on making Shrine 2 a little longer to accommodate a cut out in the back of the box to store the 10ft of cord. This will be very easy and could probably be done to Shrine 1. We just like making solid products...so getting it apart after a nice wood glue and staple deems IMPOSSIBLE.
We are still scratching our heads with an easy way for a wand holder (erecting). So as you finish your hit you can take it from the heating chamber to the erect holder for both wand and mouthpiece in mere inches! I can't wait for this! I think this will be the selling point of the box. I know I am tired of holding a damn wand or having to pass it off to the Dudette in worries of spilling. So a padding for the wand in case of slippage from the heating chamber, extension cord storage, and a wand/mouthpiece holder have been in the works now. Thanks all...back to the drawing board for Shrine 2. Shrine 1 will be done hopefully this weekend. Peace...


Be nice for that little box to have a compartment with one of those things that automatically retracts the cord, similar to some vacuum cleaners. then you could easily hide the entire cord inside the box, and pull it out when you need to (which is a lot of the time probably hahahah).

I do like this idea and you may have inspired me to make something similar for myself.


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So finally we have Version one of The Shrine for DBV. We decided to go with a dark stain called Jacobbean. With 4 polyurethane coats with light sanding between dry coats and wet cloth wipe downs. Came to a very nice shell. For a prototype its a damn fine specimen. It has its flaws but thats what a prototype is for. After the first use with all the goodies I had already begun to think of different ways to modify this. With my standard 3ft wand fits snug so I imagine this will be taken into consideration for the next version.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
Contact foam padding makes the bottom of the drawers with a nice red velvet lining.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
This drawer like the other has room but, this is where trouble shooting begins. I will have to put a wooden quarter round dowel for a rail in the bottom to guide this drawer.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
This will also disappear if this doesn't preform for me. This is a plastic cable latch thats attached to the back for cord storage.Next time we thought of making the next version slightly bigger to house a slot to store the cord for easy removal from the box if needed. I had push button magnetic door catches to make the entire box sleek and slim with no knobs. You push on the drawer and it clicks open! So on the next model we will incorporate that.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
came out to a very nice finish. Next one will be made out of a harder wood. Possible import my old man says.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
With and without flash to see the difference in reflection. Where the wood meets on the top face is a nice holder for the pick. We are still on the drawing board for a wand/mouthpiece holder with a Lazy Susan base.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
I was pleased with the contact foam grip padding that was used with the drawers and bottom. Nice and not to heavy but, more than enough to hold its ground.

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
The routed out reservoir works nicely but, it's a little to close to DBV so making it longer is a given. After it's all said and done we have a very good solid foundation for an attachment to accompany your DBV. I definitely want to incorporate more of an Eastern theme into the box. With the knobs for sure after finding these

I might not it sounds to cheesy. I did however find these awesome knobs on etsy from maker/seller mrd74

By trouserstain at 2011-03-13
So after a few weeks of deliberation we will get on the makings of version 2. Hope you all like and thanks for looking...
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Very very nice! I use an SSV so this layout is not quite right but I am often dream-designing a Shrine of my own and its so good to see someone actually doing it! Thanks for sharing and keep us posted please.


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Wow. That is TOOOOOO cool. I want one of these now. You made the perfect base for a Da Buddha Vaporizer with drawers and everything. Simply Awesome. :brow:
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