What would be your Trinity of vapes?

I am just now getting to the point in recent years where my VAS is kicking up exponentially so my experience is still somewhat limited but

Volcano Classic easily, one bowl bags with a heat soaked chamber reducer are essential for me

2020 Dynavap M stem with a 19' tip, with a J-hook if I'm allowed, but native otherwise

Mighty OG, if I had the + for the usb-C, it would make it even more of a solid pick, but its easily the most versatile vape I have owned

those are my three but everyone has great picks


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I really love my firefly 2+ for those solo sessions. Great flavour and quick to use. I do enjoy an occassional party bag on my vapir rise or any bag vape. so a bag vape is a mUST. People enjoy using em too. lastly, I don't own, but I see this as being perfect, a log vape. to have on and be able to rip it. I am yet to try a log vape. I don't have a dedicated spot and try to keep my vapes away when not in use, why I haven't gotten a log as I don't want to hook itnup and put it away all the time.


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1 - Tetra P80 (great taste and extraction + very nice piece...replaced my TM)

2 - Vaponic + Mistvap heater (100 times better than Dynavap + Portside Mini... I like the heavy high)

3 - Tafee Bowle (I like the cup, the practicality, the taste, the extraction, the heater above the bowl for the hash... I don't like the materials)

(This year I sold my TM and Dynavap + PSM to finance part of a Toad... or a HerbieV2...
I didn't really like the taste signature of the TM... and my Vaponic totally replaced dynavap for taste and glass...
I hope the Toad will make it into the rankings soon!)


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Yeah, the heater itself has a higher flavor ceiling: the key is to get the cooling unit out of the vapor path. A TM with a fancy j-jook is one of my favorite pairings
Yes I agree !
I stopped using the cooling unit very quickly...I was using a stem grav...but still except for the holidays...it stayed in my box!!


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Were you limited to 3 vapes which would you pick and why?

Ideally vapes you either own(ed) or have sessioned with multiple times.

I would post my own but am still too green.

Going with the longest period of active use, that would mean the MFLB, LSV, Solo 1 and the E-Nano. Honorable mentions, and recent additions would be the highlighter and the ELEV8R.


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1. Collyland OAB
2. Mighty OG (through WPA is next level)
3. Vapman (hopefully Station too soon)

I really feel like these three vapes hit all my needs extremely well. Never a disappointing session, and have me wondering what is next for the inevitable VAS. Limiting myself to one purchase this year and it's hard to even choose, because I'm so satisfied. High as fuck right now. :bowdown:


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The Tinymight and Flowerpot would be in my top 2, they see the most usage from me. They're both dependable, hard hitting and versatile.

The 3rd would be a tough choice and would get split amongst a large portion of my vapes. My latest, a DIY Glass Symphony, is kicking some serious ass. It's a heavy hitter, with possibly the best flavour of any of my vapes. It would be easier for me to pick out devices that wouldn't make the top 3 as that list is much shorter :lol:.

I would want a dedicated concentrate device in my top 3 so the Tbucket (not yet aquired) may make that top 3 spot after 420.


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This is a cool thread, My three:
Fw7, with native hula stem and wpa with 14mm ogb dimpled stem. Covers a lot of bases and the hybrid heating can give that little extra stoney edge over the convection vapes I generally gravitate towards.
Mi3, with my assortment of vigreux stems and a wpa. Fresh molicel and proper technique, terp cloud machine. Really one of my all time favorites.
Third slot for desktop is a tie between alpha dog and ssv43. Alpha dog hits like a dream and is stunningly gorgeous. But the ssv43 can extract a knockout dose in 1-2 hits and is surprisingly amazing with extracts.
But If these are the three vapes comprising my trinity, gotta go with the dog.
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