What does weed do for you ?


Wondering what it is that weed does for you without simply saying it gets you high lol

Anyone care to share ?
For me, it has changed since I started vaping. I never really get burned out anymore and also consume less but it pretty much relaxes me. It is no longer like the first day of course when all I could do is crack up at everything.

Now is just a nice relaxed buzzed feeling that goes well with some music while I work or perhaps reading or listening to educational content.

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It's calming yet uplifting. Gives me an appetite that my meds destroy. Calms my moods swings when my fucking scripts cause me to be hot tempered. It's seriously never given me a bad side effect. Ever.
Every time I set and think about our hypocrisy we are forced to be living in it almost depresses me. So I get lifted and I'm not even depressed any more.


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My main goals are to relax and sedate prior to going to sleep due to pain. Also, to me the way it works for pain is that I seem to get a bit of a disassociated with my body sensation. Pain doesn't go away, but it gets distant. I actually find the same with narcotics which I hate to take. Oxycodone does not, for me, relieve pain...just makes me not care about it.


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It helps me control my anger and stops my blood boiling due to my disability

Instead of reaching for the baseball bat and kneecapping some asshole who's pissed me off, I vape a bowl and forget the worries of the day.

If it wasn't for dope, I'd probably be either dead or inside!


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It eliminates my insomnia and eases anxiety that always seems to be creeping up. I'm by nature a little uptight but cannabis allows me to become more calm and laid-back. It slows my mind down just enough so I can catch the rhythm of my thoughts, if you will, instead of feeling like I'm in a hurry and still not quite getting there. More recently I find that it helps me focus and find a groove when my attention span seems to shorten.


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My emotions range from extremes, from anger to sadness. Weed helps me stay neutral. I've also noticed it's also breaking apart my sub conscious walls, which is frightening sometimes because I noticed I am more open about things I held locked away for years. I've been on it for 4-5 months and was never a smoker before so I can see the changes before my eyes, especially since I was always anti chemical and haven't been on pills for 9 years. I was on pills years ago but the negatives were too much, migrains, couldn't workout while on them etc and stomach problems so I stopped taking them for years. Right now if I feel I am falling into a rage or feel agitated and know I'm about to explode I instantly smoke and it begins to feel like a distant thought, eventually completely evaporating.
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Helps me relax. I have ADHD, anxiety, and depression runs in my family. I often say that it helps me with insomnia, but it's really that it helps with those three things which are often preventing me from sleeping. I've tried a number of medications, this is the only thing that works consistently.


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Anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I've had all of these since I was young and they run in my family. I take other medications and the cannabis really helps me with side effects, loss of appetite being a huge one. It is the only medicine that I've been able to use for years straight and get the same good results with no side effects.


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I vape for energy through the day. A good Sativa will give me the edge I need to stay productive. It gives me a more ramped up motivated sensation than very strong coffee does but in a relaxed way if that makes any sense. It helps me get thinks done but without the caffeine crazies.

I use some of the softer hybrid strains to relax in the evening and then hit an Indica before bed.

I am looking and trying out strains with high CBD lately to lower eye pressure and help balance blood sugars. We'll see if the CBD makes a difference in a few months.

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increases creativity ... better for coding (programming), better for designing - turns on the idea factory.

helps tune out negative distractions / self-pity

just makes me feel good - mentally and physically ... at my advanced age (68) i have made the executive decision that feeling good is okay.

i didn't choose cannabis, cannabis chose me ... i'm interested to see where we go ... i stay fit and strong so i can take this E-ticket ride all the way to the end ... and so i can maybe downhill ski one more time before i die.


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It helps me deal with chronic pain that I'd otherwise probably take hydrocodone or other opiates for. I have a couple of persistent back injuries and I've seen too many friends and men I respect fall into unwanted physical dependencies trying to cope with that. Cannabis is one of the few pain relievers I find effective (over the counter anagesics have never done anything for me unfortunately, must be nice to pop a cheap pill and ditch a headache) and by a miracle, it's doesn't cause physical dependency or degenerate in effectiveness with time like opiates do.

I also experience cluster headaches. Those are a real treat, easily the most painful things I've ever felt by several orders of magnitude, enough that when I was younger and hadn't seen a doctor about it yet, I actually considered suicide a few times while in the midst of one and used to send my wife out of the house so she wouldn't see my blind ravings. I can't claim cannabis is a panacea cure for the headaches, it seems nothing really is, but one thing I have found is that cannabis seems to reduce nerve pain. Sometimes the headaches cause shots of spasmodic nerve pain through my whole body, but cannabis actually seems to temper that symptom very effectively. Thankfully I now have it managed with lifestyle changes (including vaping!) and with a few emergency treatments on hand I can usually ride it out without sending the whole house out or ranting like a madman.


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It helps me sleep. On nights that I am unable to medicate, I wake probably on average 3-4 times and am up for a minimum of 30 minutes each. Nights that I am able to medicate -- One time or none.

The buzz is nice, but nothing compared to a good night's sleep!
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I use a desktop vaporizer and it helps me zone into the here and now,focus.
Goes good before having a coffee,goes good at any time for that matter.
It's kind of hard to put 50 years of experience of what it's done for me into a few sentences.
Let me know in another 50 years what it has done for you over that time frame :)


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Vaping gets me going..gets me motivated..helps me sleep..makes me wanna work and get shit done..it helps me with anger...it helps me open up and talk people's heads off instead of being a boring person...it's a miracle..I so love marijuana and vaping..


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It helped me grow. Helped me not be oblivious to reality. It helped me mature. Helped me see things I didn't see sober. My GPA for my AA degree went from 2.2 to 3.5 since I started smoking during my BS. I got my priorities in check. It helped me put my mind and body into overdrive. I'm able to do 3 classes per semester (only ever did 2) WHILE balancing about 76 hours of work.

I'm just progressing in life. I'm more accepting in relationships. More calm. More patient. More understanding.


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Anybody else so weird that they sometimes start getting angry over an imagined confrontation or just catch yourself in an incredibly bitter, negative train of thought for no good reason? When that happens to me I take a dab or vape an ELB and am usually able to laugh at myself and lighten up.
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