Water Pipe Attachment for the V3 Pro?


Hi Everybody! I'm lowkey getting addicted to water pipes and now I wanna see if I can use a WPA for my V3 Pro but there doesn't seem to be one made for it like there is with the Starry. Am I able to use the V2 Pro's WPA? What do you use?


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I just put a GrassHopper silicon mouthpiece protector over the V3 pro mouthpiece and place that on a 14mm to adapt to WP’s. It seals perfectly and works great! Still waiting for the V3 pro glass adapters to be available in US market.


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Glass adapter is sold out on the link you provided from VPM. I. Hoping POV has them soon.


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Answer me these questions 3 and the other side you will see.

Why do we have Google? Or is FC Google? Is the V3Pro the same vape as the one in the Xmax V3Pro thread?
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Thanks friendo! I just bought one of each to see how they compare! Hopefully I like how the V3 Pro handles with water!

I also recommend grabbing the Fury 2 multi WPA if you want to be able to load the glass stem instead, something different
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