Wasting vapor?


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Is it ok to keep a packed bowl on the heating element if smoking periodically? Say every 10-15 mins while playing video games?


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I thoroughly enjoyed my night where I packed three bowls back to back to back and took my time with the whip...maybe four or five hours. I love setting it up with the whip and taking a hit whenever I feel like it...sometimes an hour between hits.


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Reposting this from the Extreme thread.

Rockwise said:
That being said, the stickier the kind bud is, like lets say a Kush or Great White Shark, the better it is to let your packed bowl warm on the heater for a couple minutes. As it warms, the resin glands become gooey and ready to explode as vapor when you start pulling. When you warm any bowl, make sure you have the elbow connector on top, you dont want your herbs feeling an air flow until its flowing into your lungs! Hashish, depending on its consistency, works very well in the Extreme also~ just be patient and experiment with pre-warming the bowls for tasty thick hash vapor hits
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