Vaporizers&water tools (Europe)

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Ok, I spent too much recently and I need to cut the cost, that's why I offer this amazing deals, some items are re-listed from another previous Classified add. All the prices are shipped bombproof in Europe, add 5-12€ for international shipping (it depends where you live). I can offer a better price if you want more than 1 item and I have some small gifts to add.

- Vapexhale Cloud+ (bought from Australian Vaporizer so it's not a Fakexhale...), works like a treat, in perfect condition it's a 220V device but you need an adaptater (I can add one for free) since it's australian plug. It comes with 7 Elb's and the dry mouthpiece. I can add a big armtree bubbler for some more Euros (not pictured). Price is 140€.

- Milaana.... it was a hard decision since I love this device! It comes with short and long stems, a 18mm to 14mm GonG (US) and a battery. I can add for free an Xtar charger but the cord miss... Price is 145€.SOLD

- HipVap is a vape i enjoyed a lot when stealth is needed, vapor quality and clouds are on pair with some high quality conduction vapes. It comes with replacements short mp (2 or 3), long mp (WT adaptater!), 3 pods with silicon lids and concentrates wick, brush and tools and a USB cord. Price is 40€ .

-MiVape is a nice true convection vape for taste lover with replacable batteries although the manufacturer doesn't exist anymore. It comes with a mouthpiece in bad shape but still usable, 2 quartz cups (one got a chip but still usable), USB cord and brush and tools. Price is 40€.

- Focus Pro is a powerfull conduction vape with full adjustable t°, lightly used. It comes with a replacement glass mp, a battery, a silicon WT adaptater and a USB cord. SOLD.

- Lotus is an amazing convection butane powered vape, I think it's the V1 (or V2), it's in perfect condition, plate shows some sign of use but still work perfectly and woods is very slightly burned (just a mark), this is the WPA version. I can add for free a j-hook 18mm (you need a 18 to 14 reducer). Price is 44€ SOLD

- Evolve Bundle, 2 brand news Evolve wax pens + 1 lightly used Evolve-D. Price is 34€.

- Wax pen bundle, Pandon (like new comes with 2 brand new coils)+ 2 OG Domewerker attys (single ceramic rod with a cap àla Evolve, one is new, one is slightly used), Dabstorm Big boy VV/VW battery, Sub-ohm VV/VW battery and some stuffs (small batteries, mp,..). Price is 26€.

Water Tools:

- micro bubbler smoked glass brand news from Namaste, price is 24€.
- Ash catcher 18mm female to 18 mm female, honeycomb. Price is 25€.
- Recycler Elev8, 18mm male+ 2x18mm domes+ HE Ti nail+18mm glass nail. Price is 36€.

Here the pic and clos up:



Don't hesitate to ask for closer pics and don't forget all the price listed are shipped so if you want several items I can arrange a better deal for you. Maybe I'll add some others vapes soon...

Thanks for looking!
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