Vaporbrothers Dabbler & Eleven Pen


I have used the VB Eleven for 3 years..... using it almost daily.
Had no smoke at all.
I am sorry that you are experiencing this result.
I always put my extract directly on the coils.
You can read my results with the VB Eleven in this thread.
If I had an extra pen to send you, I would do so in a heartbeat.


I had to stop here and give some love to the Vaporbrothers Eleven Pen.
As time has gone by, Various atomizers of mine had begun being unreliable.
Many fell out of favor.
I've been happily rocking' the VB11 for a month now, and things are smooth as heck.
The price was really low also.


This is a great time to help and support our long time friend vaporbrothers just as he has
supported this community for many years.
I got a shocking email today, and think everyone can benefit here!


We are sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond our control we need to take down our vape pen accessories and VB Eleven Pen from our site.

We have updated all our vape pens and vape pen accessories at clearance price to help you stock up. Currently our plan is to leave the VB Eleven Pen line up for two days from this email. If you depend on this pen please consider this warning and invitation to get what you need before the products are taken down.

Please note the credit card processor may have already cut us off today. On the checkout screen please choose "Pay Later" and we will send you an invoice separately that you can pay by credit card or ACH.

The background: Tobacco lobbyists were successful in getting "PACT Act" legislation passed last year that attempts to redefine all vaporizers as nicotine devices. The wording was snuck into the 2020 Omnibus Act, stating that regardless of what "vape pens" are used for, they are to be regulated as if they were nicotine devices. The regulations are punitive and make it hard for us to survive as a company. For one thing all orders would need 21 year old age-restricted delivery (which adds approximately $20 to each order) and makes it so you cannot receive packages without being physically present. In addition, the act wants us to contact all 50 states and every tribal entity every month to pay a stiff tobacco tax on everything from vape pens to t-shirts and unrelated accessories.

PACT goes into unconstitutional territory by requiring all companies to submit their customers' private data such as address and what they bought. We would never share your data with others, especially because our products have nothing to do with nicotine! Being in California we don't even think our restrictive corporate laws would allow that anyway.
Enforcement of the PACT Act has been delayed, but damage to the industry is happening everywhere. Companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and merchant banks are banning vape pens as fast as they can. We are being threatened right now by certain companies that we rely on to do our business. Even though our vape pens have never worked with nicotine, we need to take them down to avoid the appearance of providing e-cigarettes.
Buy VB Eleven Pen here
Buy Vape Pen Accessories here
Donate to us if you can! We are building a GoFundMe this week. Currently you may donate here. Your help will ensure that we can keep doing what we do, building the best product and helping out medical patients and veterans.

Please let us know if you have concerns or questions. Reply to this email or call us at (310) 618-1188 (Approx 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time)
Thank you for your time, and support throughout the years!
Vaporbrothers, Inc.
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Anyone that still has a Vapor Brothers "Dabbler"...
Check out the classifieds for 2 free Heaters:
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