Vapor smell going into other units. What can I do to mitigate?


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Got a nastygram from my Condo Board that my vape "smoke" (Solo 2) is "seeping" into other units, so much that they're getting a "contact high." Bullshit, but whatever. There's no smoking policy in the building but I don't want any trouble. I don't vape in a room that borders any other unit, but clearly that's not enough. I'm dabbing for now with a Sai and a Smoke Buddy and will be getting an XMAX V3 PRO to see if it's more controllable. Long-term, I want to make sure I have a nice row of ducks.

Are there any [specific] air purifiers anyone can recommend that work well at keeping vapor at bay? I own this unit, so anything I should look into maintenance-wise that might be contributing to this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars to get people out of my ass. I have a medical card so I'm not worried about police, but since I'm here long-term, I want to make sure I'm set up for the long-term.

It's kinda fucked because I'm a much more modest vaper now than I've ever been in my life, yet this is the first time I've ever had someone say shit. I'm a little frustrated because most of my Google results when looking to stop smell seeping through the walls or whatever and getting an air purifier come from Karens asking how to keep smell out -- I just want to keep it in.

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Welcome to FC, that fucking sucks, total bs, contact high, fucking liars, I hate it, why can't they live their lives and let you live yours??!

I think you are planning well, true solo is stinkier in use, xmax should be better like dabbing, on demand, though there may be even better options really... The herb itself has its own smell, I'm still mad they would claim a contact high, idiots lol

^this thread had suggestions of air purifiers, specific brands I think, and other such things... Good luck!
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IDK, my walls are so thin I can hear the dog snoring in the other room; and I still can't imagine vapor seeping into other units. You could get a charcoal filter like people put in their grow rooms, but it seems rather unlikely that's the real issue.

A stoners cough or something seems like a much easier way to lead on to someone. But that wouldn't be as convincing to the HOA as making up a story about smoke coming through the walls, like Casper the Friendly Ghost. That sort of dramatization is the same way they script the News, to make absolutely nothing sound like a real problem that needs immediate addressing.


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Welcome to FC.

Towel under the door? Never worked well in the dorms!

Are any of the systems in the building intertwined? Like, sharing same heat or a/c ducts? or a common bathroom or kitchen exhaust system? I think any of those could be a problem.

Yes, look into filters, but also, make a study if how air flows through your unit; though it may vary, you might find that one window you can open (or such) that usually helps vent your place, i.e, the predominant flow is "out".

Agreed, it sucks to need to fret about it.


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I moved from smoking to vaping because my neighbours had the same complaints. Living in a townhouse, I want to live my life, but I also want to keep good relations with those around me.

Dry herb vaping definitely doesn't smell great, but with an exhaust fan on, the smell seems to dissipate quickly. I don't believe the 'contact high' nonsense. To me it is like a cooking smell. The smell is there, but 20 minutes later it isn't very strong, and within 90 minutes the smell is pretty much gone.

This is completely subjective, but I would say shatter smells less than dry herb, and it dissipates even quicker. Again subjective, the smell of shatter is less offensive than dry herb.

When I need to freshen up the air quickly, I put half a cup of vinegar in a frying pan and warm it on the stove. Where I was vaping, I wipe everything down with vinegar. It smells raunchy for 5 minutes or so, but once the vinegar smell is gone, things are pretty fresh. While it works for me, your milage may vary.


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I feel your pain, have you admitted it's you? In hindsight I'd have said 'cannabis smell? nope not noticed it dont know what you're talking about'
Fans & open windows help, alternating vaping with edibles might stop the build up?
deny deny deny
or start cooking with LOTS of garlic, curry etc, make so much smell they cant tell what's what
jeeze it boils my pi$$ people complaining about smell, I am a vegan and I am subjected to the smell of roasting carcass on a daily basis, I'd never complain it's not my business what they choose to eat


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It's not clear to me whether the odor that is "seeping" into other units is coming from the vape itself, or from the exhaled vapor, but I suspect it is the former.

Conduction vapes, or hybrid convection/conduction vapes like the Solo, can really emit odors when heating the material. I remember using an OG Pax when they first came out, and that thing could stink up the whole neighborhood. Even the VapCap, if packed tightly and heated thoroughly, can produce some noticeable odor during use.

Convection vapes like the XMax V3Pro, when used in on-demand mode, generally emit far less odor during use, as the material is only being heated when you draw.

I would recommend a pure convection vape that has on-demand mode, like the V3Pro, to mitigate the odor coming from the vaporizer.

Beyond that you would just need to control the odor from the exhaled vapor. In my experience that is less consequential than controlling the odor emitted by the vape itself.


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A lot of very good suggestions here so far. When the weather/seasons permit, a full-proof option is to create a negative pressure in the room you vape in by putting a fan in the window blowing air out from the inside, with another window open on the other side of your unit for the air intake. Youll know its working when you close your room's door and you can feel air blowing into the room from the crack under your door.

When its cold out, maybe run a bathroom exhaust fan, or range hood fan. A carbon sploof might also be worth a shot if you don't find that to be intrusive to your sesh.
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If I have to hide the exhale of vape, I use a Smoke Buddy Jr and blow it toward a Honeywell room HEPA filter and that does the trick. But I use a Davinci IQ2 or IQC these days and my wife, who can smell pot smoke 2 towns away, can't smell a thing when I just use it in the bathroom with the fan on.

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despite what I said I DO want to keep the peace & be a good neighbour:peace:🕊️
fuck being a good neighbour ! I stand by my devious statement of lies :lol:. I have a dog who is terrified of fireworks, my neighbours set off fireworks and not just on holiday's and after midnight. do I call the cops and make a noise complaint??? or show up at their house and tell them they can't do that??? NO

and fuck not being able to use your legally prescribed meds in the comfort of your own home!!!! do we make diabetes patients shoot up their insulin in some sketchy back alley with all the homeless heroin addicts??? or file complaints about the rattling sound a pill bottle makes???


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I also suspect it is the vapor you're exhaling and not your stash or device that people are smelling. I either blow it out a window or go outside, but you could also get a sploof (a tube you can exhale into that will mask the smell). I suspect a room air purifier may not reduce the smell quick enough unless you exhale right into it, because the smell may be traveling through common heating/cooling ducts.


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Carbon filters are the only way to truly scrub the smell from air (besides a UVC light which has its own dangers and is used in large scale grows). You should create negative pressure in your place as suggested to suck all the vapor out. I would turn on a bathroom fan to start and possibly put a towel by your front door. Leave the fan on (even if you're in another room) for an hour or two after you finish a session to make sure the smell is completely gone. You may want to mask the smell (in addition to the above) with a candle/incents/oil.

I try to keep negative pressure on my attached garage where my grow room dumps its exhaust (so I can reclaim the heat), but even with a carbon filter I can get a little smell inside the house as I go back and forth. All that's needed is a nice smelly candle and my wife doesn't notice (and she has a drug dog nose for weed).


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When I want to get rid of the smell in a hurry, I use Ona Gel Spray. It's kind of crazy how well it works. I tried spraying some into a homemade sploof once. All the vapor I expelled smelled like fresh linen. Or at least what Ona Gel scientists believe fresh linen smells like.

I'm pretty sure Ona is fairly safe and non-toxic too.

just tell them the smell is from de-carbing weed in the oven to make edibles so your not smoking or vaping so there is nothing they can do about it :nod::rofl:

Dude, I'm pretty sure you just figured out the cheat code in legalized jurisdictions. I've lived by neighbors who cook the most noxious smelling shit with their windows open. Never let it ruin my day. Never really even considered calling the cops/landlord about it. Because I recognize living near other humans will always involve some minor annoyances. Maybe living in a condo building isn't for the complainers? Maybe a cabin in the woods would suit them better?

I really do think this is a get out of jail free card. Are landlords and HOA's gonna start regulating what kind of food we can cook? Only unseasoned boiled chicken from here on, boys. LOL, good luck with that.
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