Vapor Brothers (Original) or Underdog


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Hey everyone,

I've owned the VB (original, hands free) for some time now, and am looking at picking up the Underdog. My question: Is the Underdog different enough that it makes sense to buy, even though I have the VB?

I mostly partake alone, and try to be as efficient as possible. I also use the VB bubbler all the time with the VB.

I'm just looking for something different, (and I've read the UD is very efficient, which I'm interested in), but is the UD "That" different that I should buy it? How does the UD differ in terms of flavor, draw, etc. vs the VB? I like the idea of simple, desktop vapes vs other types. That what originally drew me to the VB and now the UD.

Just looking for some of your opinions. Thanks all.
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