Vapolamp a take on radiant/convection heat for "moist/dense" material.


to: Reece, Lol, I cant wait either I just need 3 things to converge and it's off(in a slow build to order way). I will be taking orders then custum building each lamp myself, it's hard work but at least it makes it easy to keep an eye on QC =) and I can build one right after I get an order unless I have parts on back order(which I will clearly state on my site)..some of my suppliers want me to buy 100+ per order and such :lol: .

to: Theo, I have tried it before it's fun but I leave it up to the younger folk like Randy to spin fire. And I will tell him he got a compliment on FC! :cool: I'll get more up as I get the chance to film it.

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I have 3 topics to raise about the VapoLamp:

1) The (bowl) screen's shape

2) Its internal inhalation tube

3) Temperature monitoring


Item number 1, why does it have the shape of a spoon with it's back up?

Item number 2, why not inhale directly through a hole drilled at the top!?

Item number 3, why not offer some cheap tool to evaluate temperature?


Since the screen is said to be permanent, i'd find important to make sure that its shape doesn't cause the "load" to fall aside... I hope future video/picture additions will clear that.

Relatively to the tube, since it's a vapor path this tube will require maintenance cleaning while a hole located directly on top would spare the owner from that chore. An alternative would be to offer potential customers to choose between the standard glass jar and one which has the whip directly attached to its top. If it's a matter of the vapor being too hot then i'd suggest offering potential customers the option to use an in-line cooler/mouthpiece, possibly one that looks like this:

Finally, there's no variable control visible on the top photograph shown above but, assuming that it's there, then i'd find it convenient for all owners to have a basic tool which would allow them to graduate their VapoLamp. For example, temperature recording ribbons as those made by manufacturers like these:



I have one more topic to raise about the VapoLamp:

4) The size of its glass jar


Item number 4, would it be possible to offer potential customers the option to get a glass jar which fits the bowl's diameter and immediately connects to a short flexible tube from the top (possibly equiped with an in-line cooler at the end if required) in order to minimize condensation surface in that jar?


After all, if a customer intends to use some WaterFall bong with his VapoLamp, for example, then there's no need to expand the vapor before it leaves the glass jar...



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Hi, new to the forum but have been following the Vapolamp and the VHC since its inception.

I really like the organicity of the vape. Looks like a piece that could actually live in my apartment and not look like an out-of-place space age metallic contraption. Really appealing to someone who enjoys aesthetics and is not and does not have the desire to be a collector of vapes and glass. Very interested on pulling the plug and trying this out, but I do have a few questions/comments:

1) Unfortunately for me, I only use dried herb and am not a hookah user, so I was wondering if you could expound on how this could potentially be used on dried herb without combustion. A video displaying how you did the temp adjustment would be great.

2) Also a pic or video of the tubing/outgoing air flow would be appreciated. Though I've watched the video multiple times I still cannot see how this works. I know it's described in the thread, but seeing it in action is a different story.

3) Lastly, I do agree with Egzoset, an inline cooler would be great. If the glass had ice notches or a showerdome set up for cooling on top, it would be among the most ideal vapes to date. I would be willing to throw in extra bones for a sleekly executed product.


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alibearo said:
I only use dried herb and am not a hookah user, so I was wondering if you could expound on how this could potentially be used on dried herb without combustion.
I've used this with plain bud, and it works, but gives you a ton of air (very low vapor/air ratio) with your hits. I wouldn't recommend it.

Egzoset said:
Oups! Web site closed?
Looks like the 'out of business' sign is up.


Too bad, it was sort of a wired cousin of the Venus, without the expensive battery...



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Did it not work, I tried to check the website but it expired.


Salutations OO,

Maybe not the creator but something tells me we haven't seen the last of halogen vaporizers just yet.


In the meantime this is all that remains of the VapoLamp it seems: an idea...

I really wonder why we don't get more of those. Imagine Hippie Dickie's Bud Toaster on halogen drive!...

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