Vaping cbd flower in place of thc *regular* flower

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I mixed CBD crystals with my dabs for a few days. I didn't notice any difference. (maybe a bit more mental fog) :shrug:Maybe it is something else in the so called CBD herb that has an effect.
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This is my first post here and I’m only chiming in because it might help some people who are in a really bad way.

I am lucky that I do not suffer from recurring headaches but I have recently purchased some cbd flower and kief from Apical Farms. I have terrible nerve pain that has kept me on disability leave for months now. The cbd flower doesn’t help as much with the pain as regular thc flower but it definitely helps some and it is a whole hell of a lot cheaper! I have been mixing half regular and half cbd flower and it works just about 3/5-4/5 as well as vaping the same weight of thc flower. This saves me soooooo much money that I’m able to medicate more often and keep the pain at bay better now than I was before purchasing cbd flower. Before CBD I would always vape 2-.4 in my plenty but now I do .15-.25 thc and the same weight of cbd flower and the relief I get after vaping the cbd mix is equivalent or gets the job done well enough that I don’t need to do any more.

Their RSO oil helped a bunch with the nerve pain as well. They had excellent customer service responding to an email at 8:15 the next morning and saving me shipping and insurance cost by combining two orders I placed (they had a sale had to get a $20 oz!). They also gave me three free sample grams.

the takeaway here is pull the trigger on some cbd flower and vape it up! I’ve only tried one company so maybe another one has better quality but I don’t know. Once I vape through this I’m going to order an oz of Bubba Kush from hemipre direct that bulllle mentioned earlier in this thread. Bubba Kush has helped me to sleep more than any strain I’ve tried so hopefully cbd bubba will do the trick!

If you go with Apical Greens Definitely go with Heavy lifter for daytime use. I like Remedy and Granddaddy purple for evening and night time use too.

I've heard not-so-great reviews about hempire direct, some decent ones and some really bad ones. I would maybe look around a little bit more before you decide to order from them, at least do some searches on hempire and see what comes up.

No personal experience with them so im just really parroting internet rumors but figured if my memory is correct, can't hurt to mention...
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