Vaping Before Noon


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Back in the late 60s I spent six months living on a beach in Mexico. My closest buddy there, an anti-war draftee deserter, and I slept on the beach nearly every night. In the morning before he'd even get out of his sleeping bag, he'd light a j and offer it to me. Later, after going back to college, getting my degree, and starting a professional caree, I loved Sat. morning adventures, taking a couple of tokes on the way to mountain climbing or birding in a wild beautiful place. But now its been eight or ten years since I smoked or vaped before lunch. But I am so happy this morning about Georgia--and about my first ever, and now two day old banger--that I want to take a toke now. Is that OK?


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It sure is! Toking up too much in the morning can ruin my day, and even damage my attitude towards herb and imbibing in general. But when there is reason to celebrate, I say go for it, your adrenaline won't allow you to sleep away the day!
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