TV Shows: What do you Watch?


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First off, apologies if there is a topic like this, I'm new to the forum and did a bit of searching, didn't manage to find anything but I was honestly surprised that I couldn' if there's something like this out there, I'm sorry ;_;

Just wanted to know what you guy's and gal's like to watch and/or what you're currently watching. I've got some guilty pleasures.

- During the day, lot of time I have the History Channel on while doing stuff, or Comedy Central. Got to love the classic South Parks/Chappelle's Show/etc. and History Channel usually has some interesting stuff on, sometimes its a little dry but I'm not usually engrossed, just keeping it on in the background.

- If I'm actually trying to watch TV though, I love a good drama. Breaking Bad, Lost, Game of Thrones, are some of my favorites. Lost is maybe my favorite show of all time :p Also love sci fi, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and I'm kinda backlogged on the Walking Dead but its pretty good. Also started watching True Detective, really good so far but only one episode in.

- My guilty pleasures, I'm a sucker for CBS reality TV, specifically Survivor but I'll keep tabs on what is happening in Big Brother. I like the idea that it's a big mind game essentially that you are trying to fuck everyone else over, but at the same time do it gracefully. The finale of this season of Survivor is Wednesday, hasn't been the best season but I'm pretty hyped still not gonna lie.

So what else do you guy's like to watch? Again, sorry if this is a duplicate, just trying to generate some discussion and hadn't seen anything :p happy vaping.
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