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This guy is CRAZY!!

I once went 150 MPH for quite a few miles, between Naples & Miami, and at 3AM, with almost no other drivers on the road,
"Alligator Alley" is completely straight 20-30 miles with only the Florida Everglades on either side, and only a single entrance/exit in the middle near the Miccosukee Reservation.

"Worst Case" scenario I'd have probably been gator bait
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I used to know Alligator Alley very well...definitely not what it used to be with 75 going across now. I remember the days when we would drive from Ft Lauderdale to Daytona Beach...mostly on US 27 since there was no finished Turnpike or I-95.
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I always refer to it as "Alligator Alley" but actually it was !75 that I would take. I was "commuting" from South Beach to Naples 3-4 mornings per week and needed to be at a client's home before 4:30AM,

I kept that name in mind to keep me focused on the task at hand, and as a reminder of what was on either side of the highway.

I was a little crazy back then myself!
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AutotopNL !
These two guys take advantage of the law that there is no speed limit :brow: on autobahn and test cars of all kinds. Here's one of my favorites video with a bmw 4wd modified with 550 hp. Scariest accelaration... now that car is 660 hp but I prefer this one...



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Oh that red ...

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