The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread


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This thread is supposed to be a place where one can show his wooden vaporizers or simply share their love for it.
It shall be home to all those wonderful wooden vaporizers that are scattered all across FC. :)

I'm creating this thread because I'm a sucker for both vaporizers and pretty wood, of course, but also because there is none like it here on FC. There is this thread from 11 years ago which lacked participation and was also immune to reanimation, so I've thought that I'd give it another go.

Another reason to create this thread is because I'm the proud owner of some of what I would call the finest in wooden vaporization.
Of course there's always more powerful and more exclusive but this space is about love for the wooden evaporators and not to compete. :)

Here's my modest little collection of lumber:

Sitting on the left it's the latest addition to my collection - the Couchlog. It's not just stunningly beautiful in it's Kingswood appearance but also a killer device. Heat it up, unplug it, take a super yummy and strong hit, plug it in again, stir or reload, go again. You can play with the temp control or be creative with the distance to the heater, use it as a heat source for your vapcap or just leave the temp control at 5 and take it from there. This thing does milk my bigger Ehle pieces to my absolute satisfaction.
The couchlog is my only vape so far, where I get this feeling to be almost proud to have one. Yes it's on the pricier side but apart from that, it's also quite limited and afaik the only log vape atm, that can be unplugged while being used. :)

Next to it, in a beautiful Grenadill, it's the DLX One. The first version of Dreamwood's water-pipe vaporizer. It's basically like a flip brick but the heat intake is friction-fitted to the wooden or glas bowl. Once getting the right feeling for flame size and distance to the intake it works as promised. I like it better with hash and the wooden bowl because it's almost impossible to combust with it. I can only recommend checking out Dreamwood vapes as they have a lot of other beautiful wooden vapes to offer and this won't probably be my last from them. :)

Sitting right in the middle, well not if measured but by numbers, it's the one vape in my collection that I probably doesn't have to tell you a lot about. The OG Vapman in classic Walnut. It was my first vaporizer and I loved it from scratch. Bought it almost 5 years ago, used it for a while and then totally forgot about the Vapman and vaping. Since 2 years its's back and as awesome as before. To be honest, nowadays I'm mostly chasing bigger clouds, so it's not my daily driver, but whenever I'm camping or I hear the word "campfire", I'm instantly thinking of my beloved Vapman and if possible I'll take it with me of course.

The biggest, not just in size but also in surprise, is the Sticky Brick OG in an absolutely gorgeous Cherry (could have gotten the Maple for a hefty 40€ less but I wanted that Cherry as soon as I saw it). That thing blew me away like no other vape before and I was definetily not expecting it to be such a great device. To put it short, I freakin love the OG. It's my favourite dry vape by far. The taste, the clouds, the efficiency, oh man! If you don't have a Brick of some kind yet, do yourself a favour and get one, you can thank me later. Even though I'm pretty happy with my collection and I have no real need for yet another butane-powered vape, there's no need to fool myself - I will get a Flip Brick or even a MAXX anytime soon. Probably rather sooner then later, just because I like the OG that much. :)

Last in line and also still pretty new to me, is another Dreamwood Vape, the Roasty. It's Cherry wood as well and even though I have it since a couple of weeks, I didn't get around to try it out more than once. This is one of those vapes that come with a learning curve but it also has that laid back outdoor charme to it. The next time I'll have time for my hammock it'll definetily be Roasty time as well. :)

I appreciate if you actually read this far and apologize for my poor choice of words as English is not my first language.

Now let's see what you have in store!
Even though I'm pretty new around here, I was a long time lurker and I know exactly what you are hidding. :)

Shit Snacks

Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/BAK/FW9)
Way too many to photograph together:

Black Ash Burl Heat Island (3/8 glass core) with purple heart bottom cap, red heart and Osage orange stems

Tigre Caspi Heat Island (3/8 steel core) with pink ivory bottom cap and stem

Zapote Heat Island (7/16 steel core) with cocobolo, tulipwood, and satinwood stems

Sumac GTR-F and other stems from Alan in dark walnut, tulipwood, canary wood, stuff from Ed in African blackwood and bocote

Blue Mahoe Cloud Connoisseur Halo and Orange Agate Cobalt Halo being made with matching bowl...

Redheart Cloud Connoisseur ruby Atlas with Olive wood /Padauk plug bowl, curly spalted mango Zenith being made with matching bowl as well...

Osage Orange iHeat (used to have OO underdog before I got heat island)

Canary wood SplinterZ, purple heart SplinterZ, bubinga ZV1, blackwood ZV2, blackwood SplinterV2

Maple Zions and Milaana, crosscut purple heart Milaana, walnut Milaana2 with sapele cap, canary wood Milaana2, ipe (brazilian walnut) Milaana3

Quilted maple mistvape and mistvape touch with multi wood accent, bocote cocobolo essence, blood wood impcognito

Painted poplar Tubo evic and Tetra P80, padauk dual, acrylic pour polar TP80 and blue orange dyed box elder burl (stab wood) TP80

Walnut Firewood7 and walnut Nomad (with padauk)

Walnut Triihouse Lily and cherry Triihouse Daisy, and cherry Toad

Spalted maple sticky brick Jr beta, non-aromatic cedar sticky brick Jr, iroko or walnut hydro brick beta, canary wood runt

Zebra wood Dreamwood Glow 14, wenge Roasty, maple DLX-M

Pear wood Vapman

Oak Tinymight (+HI microVVPS)

Ambrosia maple and goncalo alves Roadie stash cases from Doug's Woodery

And even more still?!?


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Cocobolo Vongs!


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I’ve got Toad #26 and it’s awesome! :love:

I’ve always known that Dan put incredible effort into making nearly flawless little pieces of functional art and I had high expectations even for the cheaper/simpler Toad, but he met or exceeded my expectations in every way I’ve been able to experience so far.

I’ll have some of my own pics of it (including a wooden stem) and my initial thoughts on its performance in the Toad thread soon, but due to recent surgery I can only hold it and look at it right now. I haven’t been able to use it yet. :cry:

My girlfriend’s been loving it though, and her experiences give me a lot of confidence in its performance potential too!

I also have a Firewood 7 but I don’t have pics of mine right now. Once I get around to cleaning and reassembling it I’ll try to get pics of it by itself and next to the Toad. They’re similar sizes, but the height and depth of the Toad are a little smaller.

I also have a Nomad coming, but it’s not quite finished yet so I’m holding off on pictures of it. I’m not sure the standard Dynavap Vongs I have need pics, but if I remember I’ll take one or two of those too. I think that’s about it so far on the wood side for me.

I don’t buy a lot of vaporizers so I’m glad that I waited for these instead of buying others that I wouldn’t have been as happy with. :)

Edit: Fixed pictures.
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Shit Snacks

Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/BAK/FW9)
@Shit Snacks : i thought you were into glassware (cause i seem to remember i've seen some pics of your glassware collection..) but your list of woods made me doubt that preference now...
That's truly an impressive list. :o
75% of it made me go "Let me google that."..

Haha yeah often glass goes with wood vapes, the wood is just a shell, but from following early on I've kept a list in my head of species I really liked and have been fortunate enough to add them to my collection eventually in various ways across many different vapes and accessories... The amount of variety I have in these categories is what helped motivate me to go a little crazy with the glass collection as well more recently (but I am finally just about done there and looking to sell some more glass and special vapes here soon though!)


is this thing on?
I love wooden vaporizers and I got some in my collection inbetween, some nice wooden stems as well. My favorite is this swiss Vapman here:

I can't bring myself to use it though, I'm saving it for a special occasion I guess. Can anybody else see the face in the mouthpiece?
I recently got another beautiful Vapman from the italian line which is as stunning as this in olive and this time I am going to use it... That's the plan. ;)


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My Firewood 7 with some extra wood
Thanks for showing! I'd love to try the FW7. :)
My boring old TetraX (I love it!)
Doesn't look that boring to me!
I’ve got Toad #26 and it’s awesome! :love:
OMG it definitely is!! Never saw this either. Great design! Thanks for sharing! :)
75% of it made me go "Let me google that."..
Same here, I also had to look up most of them. :)
I love wooden vaporizers and I got some in my collection inbetween
Well then this is the place! :)
My favorite is this swiss Vapman here
Holy mother of Vapmans what an absolute beauty that is!! Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Not sure if I could bring myself to use this one either...
I recently got another beautiful Vapman from the italian line which is as stunning as this in olive and this time I am going to use it
I was thinking about getting one as well because they are so beautiful, it's just that despite it's beauty, I can't stand the taste of olive wood.
Should have gotten some of the OGs when Rene was still producing them and I was basically living just right around the corner (speaking in global distances).

Anyway. Here's my trustworthy OG Vapman in Walnut sitting on a piece of Red Mallee Burl:


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I love wooden vaporizers and I got some in my collection inbetween, some nice wooden stems as well. My favorite is this swiss Vapman here:

I can't bring myself to use it though, I'm saving it for a special occasion I guess. Can anybody else see the face in the mouthpiece?
I recently got another beautiful Vapman from the italian line which is as stunning as this in olive and this time I am going to use it... That's the plan. ;)
Is that Purpleheart? I admire your discipline, but man, I could not hold out one second! Maybe a station would be gentle enough on it?


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This guy makes amazing vapopipes:
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I have what could only be described as an unreasonable love for wood vapes, and like my brother-from-another-mother @Shit Snacks, I have way too many to photograph them right now(although there are pics of them all on my instagram). Some of my favorites are:

1. Custom Zion M with Redheart Face and Osage Orange accents
2. Mutant Milaana 2 in cocobolo with redheart accents
3. Milaana 2 in full canary with matching plate
4. Spalted milaana 1.5
5. Ambrosia maple little bud elite with highly figured walnut accent
6. Couchlog in Grenadill
7. Heat Island in white holly with spalted green holly base
8. Tetra p80 in pomelle sapele
9. Unklmark CB80Z in Gaboon ebony with redheart and curly maple racing stripes
And finally
10. My gorgeous Toad, duh!

I have like 30 (or more) other wood vapes, all of which I love and use, but listing them all would take too long lol.
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Yeah. The only vapes I use regularly that aren't at least partially wood are made of only glass.
Got a few with metal and wires, but most of mine are wood and glass as well. So much imagination and vision, not to mention craftiness. There are whole niches of stuff people are posting here that's kind of new to me, though, so it's nice to see the sweep of things I've heard of or maybe not, put up alongside other similar or different things. Even the lists are a nice jumping off point.
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