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Westchester, NY
Did/does anybody elses tracking look like this? Updated 2/8 at 9:35 AM EST. This is the hardest wait ever :uhoh:



Westchester, NY
Thanks for the comfort guys lol Realistically my UPS email said Tuesday delivery, but the tracking link itself has kept saying "check back tomorrow for a delivery date" .... I'm hoping it made a flight out Friday/Sat and hasn't updated yet, gives me hope that the projected Tues. delivery is possible!

Shit Snacks

Welp apparently the shipping gods were not too merciful to me this time around... :ugh:


Saw this when I opened the box and my heart sank... can't bring myself to lift it out


Maybe mine was opened for some customs inspection and they did a shit job repacking, bubble wrap kind of just folded on top, not wrapped around the heater or anything... I know I will be made whole, but after all this time, to have to wait even more, can't help but feel so crestfallen... I mean at least I have one already, but still so so sad!
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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@Shit Snacks dude, you gotta put a warning message before that pic. Jesus, I came to the thread to celebrate with my new brothers and BAM! I got gut- punched with THAT!

I can't imagine how you felt when you opened the box. You said "crestfallen". Aww, buddy. That's an understatement. Sorry.

I agree - fu#&ing customs. I had very minimal damage. But, it was CLEARLY caused by customs. I say "clearly" only after it was made clear to me by this thread, @AoV Daniel (the AoV guru), and @Jaxel (the two-headed uber elf) that their packaging is done with love. They can't control how customs "re" packages.

And what a bunch o' pricks in customs. I have zero problems with full inspection and unwrapping. Just put it back nice you lazy piece of shit.

Edit: adding... And, by the way... What are you buying ANOTHER one for? I mean, not being judgey here, I'm asking out of jealousy.

Shit Snacks

@Shit Snacks I must admit my heart sank in my chest when I saw that photo, damn this sucks.
I don't understand why customs would repack something that is clearly fragile so poorly.
I guess now we'll see how good AoV are at doing repairs.
Great choice of glaze by the way.

Oh this is not going back for a repair, I am expecting some other sort of resolution... Tahiti Grape is indeed beautiful at least!

Given the location of the break, I am not comfortable using glue, and honestly I want a perfect one, I don't want a repaired Frankenstein... I did go a little custom here with a longer mouthpiece, we'll see what happens, I've already sent Daniel an email of course and I am not worried in that regard!


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I received two orders. One was OAB and another classic art VB. Both was clearly checked and was not repacked well at all. It was actually checked by China customs when it transited there. I don't believe there are many places with worse customs ethics than China lol. But because the box itself is very sturdy, Plus there are lotsa insulation materials inside the box, there is really not much chance for the unit to break at all. My OAB package was actually packed even better than the VB i received.

None of my AOV packages had the heater wrapped with just a layer of bubble wrap, touching the carton box. It was thick and the unit was always surrounded by more insulation. Ever notice the box used is MUCH bigger than needed?

I'm sure shit happens from time to time but pretty sure AOV can't do any better with packaging as it is. Regardless, a replacement will be the fair thing to do. Broken unit sent back at no cost, of course.

Shit Snacks

Thank you all for the love and sympathies!

I guess I was due for my luck to run out, still luckier than most that I have one I can use in the meantime! Not to mention my woodland fantasy standard too, maybe I should unpack that from my move now haha

Yes I will say this one was actually packed up with a lot of bubble wrap, better than my last bandit seemingly in some ways, but yeah I think customs probably screwed up on the repackaging... I mean picking it up, then opening it up, looking at it I thought it would be fine, but yeah here we are! Must have jinxed it by piping up earlier lol

I fished in for the dish, which was almost completely slid out of any bubble wrap, and the ball bowl, both completely intact:


The ball bowl is pretty perfect, very even and clean, as opposed to the rougher one from my early plum jelly bandit... And it is also a little larger, yes I checked and it is too big to fit my plum jelly (had to try!) Just a shame to have busted wasted parts, like on top of me having to wait even longer again, it is just sad to have a broken piece, you know?? :(


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holy shit what a bummer.

also, another dead dongbong checking in. i had been leaving it plugged in and i noticed the voltage reading was 1.3v... if i unplug it, jumps up to 11v...

this seems to indicate the resistance of the heater increased and it doesn’t even get hot to touch anymore.

i know other people mentioned leaving theirs plugged in all the time so i dunno if that did it, or this needs to serve as a warning to other users.

do they have any kind of service options? i don’t think it can be ‘fixed’ without being destroyed.

if nothing can be done, what’s the best way to send this guy to valhalla?

edit - false alarm, it was just the power adapter that died. Luckily had a 2nd one on hand (I like to move the bong between rooms without moving cables) and it appears to be fine.

in case anyone else happens to need a backup power adapter, this is the one I grabbed and seems to be same as OEM - - you want the 12v 5A one.
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I received my Red and black Vapbong yesterday. It arrived in Australia very well package and it looks amazing!!

I plugged it in and set it to 11.1 and left it for over 30mins with the voltage now down to 10.1.. and oh yeah, the massive hits that followed, so good!!

Im happy to highly recommended this vape!!

Pics to follow


it really ties the room together
Really terrible of customs.
@FearAndLawyering I had this happen with my Vapman station (Power supply died) and I thought it's the station. Glad you found out soon enough!
One of the good things of the Vapbong is that apart from the supply dying there is not much electonics inside that can go bad ober time. It should last a looong time if one doesn't drop it...


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Morning @VASked_Avenger! Has yours landed yet ? Mine is still showing as processed at depot at 4am Sat morning however, tracking on DHL site UK shows no recognition !!! I've emailed them to ask where it is lol but 24 hrs before they reply !! Could be looking at Thurs / Fri at earliest , 13/14 days from Germany to UK , looks like our friends in US, Canada and Aus have better delivery services 😂😂


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Got OAB Canada Autumn coming. Decided to sell my NW FP and just kept cano, simrell, and crafty.

Also, did I make a mistake not waiting for no carb hole one? 😅

So excited to try AOV.
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Does anyone know what size screens the vapbong use?

I went to order some but shipping for just the screens to Australia was 35euros!!
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